Battlefield 4 is set in the perceivable future – the year 2020 and the plot twists and turns around the souring relations between USA and Russia, fueled by a larger political agenda on a global level.

As Daniel Recker, also called Tombstone, you have to lead a squad of three highly trained field operatives – William Dunn, Kimble Graves, Clayton Pakowski. The group is later joined by Huang Shuyi, a Chinese Secret Service Agent and Laszlo Kovic, a CIA operative.

How it begins

The game begins with Recker being tasked with the retrieval of extremely sensitive information from Azerbaijan, where he reaches still pursued by none other than the Russian Special Forces. There is a lot of firefight. In the bloodshed that ensues, Recker’s second in command loses his leg. Recker is still able to reach the rendezvous point with his team, only to realize that their ride has crashed. They are now stranded and have no other option but to try and make it out on their own. While making their escape, the heavily injured second in command, Dunn drowns and dies.

The Conspiracy

While Recker and his troops are fighting for their lives, Admiral Chang is planning a military coup to overthrow the Chinese government, and he uses Russian support to gain power. He arranges for the assassination of the Chinese presidential candidate, and blames the USA for it. Meanwhile, Recker and his team (Tombstone) make it safely out and are sent for a covert mission to Shanghai, where they are supposed to retrieve three VIPs. With great difficulty, Tombstone is able to release the VIPS and make it to the USS Titan, which is heavily damaged – a work of Admiral Chang and is about to sink. While Tombstone is searching the vessel for survivors, they find some data which throws light on what had actually happened aboard Titan. During this mission, Kovic is critically injured and finally, he dies.

The Bloodshed

What ensues is a lot of battle and bloodshed between Tombstone and the Chinese soldiers controlled by Admiral Chang. There are many instances where you feel that it is the end of Tombstone, and yet, they survive the onslaught and are somehow they are able to come back again to finish their mission. The game’s plot continues to become more sinister every step of the way, and you really have to be a stoic to leave your seat to do something else. The tight plot makes sure that you are glued to your seats and are trying to make Tombstone’s mission successful. During their mission, the members of Tombstone face death at every minute. They are thrown into the prison, drowned, held captive and have a lot of enemy face offs. How they pull off everything and are able to complete their missions depends on your tactical gameplay abilities and nerve. There is a lot of thinking and strategy involved. And just when you think things are moving, the players are trusted with a lot of important choices, and in the end, it is up to you to determine who lives and who dies. However, the end of the game leaves some room for a sequel and that is certainly some reason to cheer.

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