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Android 6.0 – What Do We Expect For Next Android Update?


Android is relatively the most constantly updated phone Operating System, with the most recent one being the Android 5, which had some enhanced functions and features.

However, there is an expectation of the launch of the Android 6. Here are some of things to expect :

  • Platform/Host

Android has a propensity of naming their new updates in alphabetical order, and therefore, it is expected that the new update will be called the Android Milkshake, after the Android Lollipop. Usually, the first phone that will host a new Android version will be the Nexus. For that, it is expected that the new update will be on the Nexus 6. This is the newest version of Nexus, which has the relevant specifications that will make it support the new OS. This phone has been designed with the new X Envelope design.

  • The Notification Bar

Among the most notable changes will be the notification bar, which will be more enhanced. Though you will still slide it to view the notifications, but the color theme and general layout will be more captivating. Sliding the bar twice will let you access a given button, rather than touching it.

  • Security

When it comes to locking the screen, the Android 6.0 will highly value the security of the user. For instance, you will unlock the phone when you are in close contact with it. For instance, it could be unlocked with a Smart Watch, for the sake of perfect security. So when you are away, with your smartwatch, the phone will not be unlocked.

  • The Battery

The battery life is such an important aspect, and it will be looked into in the new version. There is a modified mode that helps to save the battery. You will expect to have at least 90 extra minutes that will serve you whenever you charge. So if your phone could last for about 8 to 10 hours, you would expect to have 12 full hours of complete functioning. So you can be sure of having the whole day accessing your full functions on the phone, without worrying about it draining. Other than that, there is a plan for the developers to rate their apps on how they consume the battery in order to let them improve the Apps. In addition, you would view more details of the battery section in the settings, which will let you know the progress of the given battery.

  • Android TV

This is another aspect that will let you sync your phone and your TV. You will be able to view your content on such TVs like Philips, Sony, Sharp or Android TV. You can integrate the phone with the TV, and enjoy stuff like videos, games, TV shows, photos, and many more. This will work relatively like the Apple TV, and you might not need to buy a new satellite TV plan.


The Android 6.0 is also expected to have more multi-tasking options in 3D. Though it is not launched yet, it is expected to be such a great version that will focus more on the user experience and usability. The date of the update is also not known, but all in all, it is expected to be a huge release.