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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Apple iPad Air 2 – Best Premium Tablet Match-Up


If you go looking for top notch premium tablets, there’s a huge chance you’re going to stumble upon the iPad Air 2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. These devices are pretty much the epitome of “premium” when it comes to tablet devices, and in this article we will compare them to see which has the edge and can be considered king of the tablet market. That being said, let’s get into the actually comparison.

Design and Display

The Surface Pro 3 measures 0.36 inches in thickness and weighs 800 grams. The competitor comes with only 437 grams in weight, maintaining a light construction, and 0.24 inches in thickness, also remaining the device with the slimmest profile.

The Surface Pro 3 features a magnesium based body that has a ventilation system on the sides. The overall impression that the Surface Pro 3 gives you is that of a premium device in both look and feel. The iPad Air 2 comes with almost the same appearance as its predecessor, and definitely the premium look and feel you are used to getting when it comes to Apple devices. The Air 2 is however slimmer and lighter than its predecessor.

Hardware and Software

The specs inside the Air 2, according to GSM Arena, provide the processing power of the A8 chip from Apple, which is clocked at 1.5 GHz and is coupled with 2 GB of RAM. The device has three variants, each with a different amount of storage at its disposal. The Air 2 comes in 16, 64 and 128 GB variants. The front of the device also houses a fingerprint scanning device called the TouchID.

The Surface Pro 3 on the other hand comes with a variation of processing units. It has either the i3, i5 or i7 processing unit, and it is coupled with either 4 or 8 GB when it comes to the device’s RAM capacity. When it comes to internal storage options, you can get the Surface Pro 3 in 64, 128 or 512 GB variants. The Pro 3 also comes with a stylus pen made especially for it, which helps you a lot with navigation and handling different tasks, as it proves very handy.

As expected, the iPad Air 2 comes with Apple’s latest iOS8 while the Surface Pro 3 houses Microsoft’s Windows 8.


It’s hard to say which device wins this category. The iPad Air 2 comes with the superior rear camera which features 8MP, and a weaker front facing camera with only 1.2 MP. The Surface Pro 3 on the other hand has the inferior rear camera with 5 MP, but has an equivalent 5 MP shooter on the front panel, therefore outmatching the iPad’s front facing lens.


Both devices do good in battery testings, as the Surface Pro 3 can last for as long as 9 hours of usage. The iPad Air 2 however can go an extra hour before stopping, so it seems like Apple’s device is the winner in this category.


On Amazon, you can find the Pro 3 and the Air 2 for about $775 and $660 respectively.