4J Studios, the developers of Minecraft PS3 are busy working on the new title update 18.

They are working hard to make sure this new update makes gamers happy because it is not only getting released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but is also scheduled to find its way to the next gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The developers in their Twitter feed confirmed that the upcoming update is huge in size because it has a lot of features integrated into it and will take time before being ready for release. Meanwhile, they have confirmed that a number of new mobs will be making their appearance in the game. Some of them will be hostile while others may not be as dangerous to deal with.


Ardent players would know this already but for those who don’t horses are in fact mobs. They belong to the passive mob category and will be one of the most celebrated additions to the game. Players who enjoy the game on PC have access to horses for a long time and it has been delayed to reach console gamers.

But, the good news is that not only will it be soon available for Minecraft PS3, but for all other console editions as well, which makes the wait worthy. You will be able to travel throughout the map using the horses, breed and feed them so that they continue to help you in acquiring more areas.


A really hostile mob, witches will make their appearance in the Minecraft PS3 edition and other consoles when title update 18 gets out. They are dangerous because they not only attack in groups but are also experts when it comes to attacking you from a far range. The witches make use of splash potions which will create enough damage to the player but they are not repeatedly found in the map which should be a relief for players. Once you kill them, they could drop many useful items including sugar, glow stone dust, glass bottles and red stone among many others.

Withers and Bats

Withers are boss mobs that could give you enough trouble if you don’t know how to strategically beat it. But, with the update already available for PC gamers, you will find a lot of strategic tips and tricks found in forums that will help you beat them. Bats are passive and won’t attack you, so it isn’t much of a concern.

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