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Google Hangouts vs Google Talk – Which Did It Better?


Some of you may remember the Google Talk service that came with a lot of smartphones, and could be used to send messages and such. Upon receiving some new updates, the service is no longer called Google Talk, as it is now referred to as Google Hangouts.

What Has Google Hangouts Improved?

The update to Google Hangouts proved to be very good, despite the fact that some may need a little time getting familiar with the user interface or what not. After to pin that down, you will discover that Google Hangouts is way better than Google Talk, simply for the fact that it comes with great new features. The service is concentrated on sharing, as you are able to share not only files, but photos and videos as well. More so, you will have the capability of sharing your screen with the other participants to the conversation. There can be several people in the same conversation, and you cand add more by using the specific feature form the menu. If you really don’t have anything to share, you can just stick to the messaging part of the app, where you can communicate with your friends through text messages sent and received.

Getting Google Hangouts also means that you receive some other apps and services provided by Google, such as YouTube Google Docs, and others. You can use these application to further interact with your friends.

With Google Hangouts, you can even go as far as streaming your own Hangouts session. You can stream the footage on YouTube, and it will also be saved on the YouTube channel.

Thanks to the update, the new interface used in Hangouts is not only better looking, but also more efficient, as it demonstrated that it can facilitate a smooth navigation.

The bottom line is that Google Hangouts is the update that should be installed by everyone who wants to spike up their chats and have more options at their disposal, so they can evade the boring, straightforward chatting and get some photos, videos and other things into the conversation. Google Talk may have been able to get your message across, but that was about it. With Google Hangouts, you have many other options you can explore, so that your chats will always be interesting.