HD movies on iPhone 6 Plus just got a bit sharper and crispier.

Netflix has announced that users of iPhone 6 Plus can now stream and watch movies in 1080p video resolution. Netflix previously offered 1080p videos for the iPad, but was limited to 720p on the iPhone.

In a blog post commenting on the update, Netflix announced that since the launch of the bigger screen and better resolution iPhone in September, the company worked hard to bring better resolution to iPhone users. With the update, users of iPhone 6 Plus will get more titles, improved performance and bigger imagery. Some of the Netflix originals, such as ‘Orange is the New Black’ will now be available to iPhone 6 Plus users. They will need a good Wi-Fi connection to watch movies though.

iPhone 6 still stuck on 720p

While the larger version of the latest iPhone will have the option to stream movies at 1080p, the iPhone 6 will continue to use 720p resolution for movies on Netflix. According to the company, the smaller screen resolution is not compatible for 1080p streaming. The iPhone 6 users, however, will get more content for their device.

Look for a Wi-Fi Source

The new option for streaming does require a lot more bandwidth than 720p videos. Therefore, Netflix recommends users trying to watch 1080p videos to have at least a 5 mbps connection. This means a strong Wi-Fi source is the best option. If you use your data network connection, you might surpass your monthly limit. The quality of the video will depend on the connection of the user, no matter if it is Wi-Fi or data network. The company uses ‘adaptive streaming’, a process which adjusts the resolution based on the bandwidth of the user. Therefore, faster connection = better quality.

Finally Matching with Android Devices

The new option added with the latest update to the Netflix application for iOS, makes Android and iOS equal in this segment. Android users were able to stream 1080p videos since July 2013. For a whole year and few months, Android users had the clear advantage over iOS users. However, the larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus and improved resolution is what makes this move possible.

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