Temple Run 2 as well as Subway Surfers is a game that belongs to the same genre of the endless runner.

They both offer a lot of fun and excitement for players and are free games to be played on your mobile device. Though they are free games, there are some unlockables available in both the games and players interested in purchasing these items can do so. However, it is not mandatory and you can play both the games even without spending real money. Both the games can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS devices and also on Amazon Kindle Fire and on Windows Phones.

Goal or Objective

Both the games have a similar goal or objective. In both these mobile games, the player has to keep running as fast as he or she can. As they run, players must also collect coins. In addition, the player is able to boost capabilities by means of different types of transactions.

Similarity in Moves

When it comes to a comparison of the difficulty levels of these two games, it is seen that Temple Run 2 is a little more complex. Both these games use the same type of controls. For instance, players have to slide up in case they want to jump and slide down if they wish to roll and slide under obstacles.

Temple Run 2 – More Difficult

Temple Run 2 has some other additional moves, such as sliding to the left and the right when wanting to make sharp turns. This protects players from slamming against the edge of the pathways. A similar motion is also found in Subway Surfers and it is used for sliding from one side to the other in the three lanes found in this game. However, the sliding action in Subway Surfers is slightly easier when compared to the Temple Run 2 game. This is because in Temple Run 2, players have to move the phone from one side to the other when they wish to veer either to the left or the right. This problem is not there in Subway Surfers.

Even the obstacles present in Subway Surfers are rather mild whereas those present in Temple Run 2 are rather unforgiving. Players will die at once when they run into obstacles in Temple Run 2. On the other hand, the player continues to live even after colliding with an obstacle in Subway Surfers and he can continue running.

Visuals Comparison

The visuals are more natural in the case of Temple Run 2. The visuals have a touch of Indiana Jones to them. The game brings in an imaginary setting of South American ruins, where a monster is chasing the player. The game arouses a feeling of fear or dread, whereas the chase by an Inspector in Subway Surfers is milder. The Subway Surfers chase is fun and not so serious, being rather like a cartoon. The backdrops that are made use of in Subway Surfers are an animated one of the cities and the characters are also rather cute and not as serious as those in Temple Run 2 are.

In Game Options

Both the games are offered for free and they both come with purchase options within the game. Players can purchase upgrades to an existing character and can also buy new characters. They can also use actual money for buying boosts and lives or purchase powerups, etc. However, Temple Run 2 is a more difficult game to play and the player might end up spending more real money in order to cross the levels. In Subway Surfers, there is a greater amount of money in the game, so you don’t need to spend much for buying powerups or boosters, at least in the initial levels of the game.

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