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Best Travel Tips 2014: Utilize Your Phone


Traveling can be incredibly hard on the average man. There’s just so much to prepare for. You have to pack up all of your items, without forgetting anything crucial, make sure you get to where you need to be on time, among other things.

If you’re on a trip for work, all of this needs to be done precisely as well.

How can you keep yourself organized while in a foreign land, and make sure you don’t forget anything? Well this is easier than you may think! By utilizing your smartphone with a few simple apps, you can make sure you’ll be wherever you need to be on time, and without missing out on anything.

Let’s delve into a few tricks and tips you can use to help yourself travel with your smartphone.

Tip 1: Use a Calendar App

Sometimes we forget things. It’s just something everyone does. If you’re on a trip where you need to attend a few meetings, conferences, or be in a lot of places over a few days in an area you’ve never been to before, it can be hard to keep everything organized and under wraps. By using a calendar app and scheduling your events, you’ll never lose track of time. Your phone will remind you that you need to be at X location at X time. You can always use the default calendar or reminder apps in your smartphone, but if you prefer to stay super organized, try using an app like EverNote or Google Calendar. Both are free, and are used in excess by business people like you trying to stay ahead of the game.

Tip 2: When Packing, Make a List Ahead of Time of What You Need

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed the night before a big trip, thinking to yourself “wow, I hope I didn’t forget anything”? It’s an excruciating feeling to have. An even worse feeling is to actually get to your destination, and find you forgot something like your phone charger or laptop. With a basic notepad app or list app, you can make a list of basic things you’ll never want to forget, and then you’ll never have the post-travel jitters again. This works both ways as well. When leaving after your trip, you can just go through your list of things you brought, and be sure that you’ve taken everything back home with you as well. Try the default memo or text apps on your phone if you want for this. If you want to get advanced, try something like Wunderlist or Color Note (both apps are available for most mainstream phones).

Tip 3: Don’t Get Lost!

GPS apps have never been better than they are right now. Although your phone may have a great default GPS where you live, you might want something a bit more complex when traveling. Luckily there are so many great travel and GPS apps available for both Android, Apple, and Windows phones. A few good apps you can try to utilize for traveling in unknown places are highlighted below with a brief description.


Waze is an app that you can use to see not only GPS, but also how traffic is shaping up, and nearby mapping as well. It is community run, so people add the features, not programmers.


NavFree is another free app that can aid you in finding your way around. It works a lot better than the traditional navigation apps you’ll find in the App Store or on Google Play. It’s one of the most popular navigation apps for a reason, and even has navigation outside of the USA. If you need a navigation app that won’t let you down in time of need, use NavFree.

As you can see, using your smartphone can really help you when traveling! Try putting some of these tips to use to help you travel easily and quickly. You’ll never leave anything behind, and will get to where you need to be on time if you follow these tips. Thanks for reading!