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Viber: Free Installation and Download Details for Windows Phone


Viber is one of the best social networks around. The competition around this area of social networking has compelled companies to be more innovative and creative so that that can attract more and more clients. Viber does the same. It has got unique fantastic features that are user friendly.

In Viber, you are enabled to send messages, videos, photos and also call your friend with High definition sound quality. Unbelievably, the quality of sound has been found to be even more better than GSM communication. All this are done via either a 3G network or Wi-Fi to millions of Viber users worldwide. Other features that need mention is the fact that it enables lock screen notifications, selection of your prefered conversation background from your gallery. You can download your preferred sticker and use them during messaging to make it more fun. The app just brings in a fantastic experience in network communication.

The best thing about Viber comes in due to the fact that it is compatible to almost all devices around but the Windows phone version which will be the main focus of this article. It is actually very easy and it will take you less than five minutes.

First of all, your phone should be up to the task. It should have the sufficient memory capacity to support the app. In this case, we are talking about about 20MB of memory plus you should be able to have enough memory to store photos and videos.

Some of the other requirements you should be aware of are as follows;

  • Your contacts are the first priority as that is what Viber is all about.
  • Your phone identity should be in place.
  • Still capture and video should be there since the app involve sharing of photos and videos to your friends.
  • Location services for the phone should be enabled because you can share location in your messages.
  • Music, photos and video libraries
  • Data services or Wi-Fi connectivity for access to the internet. It only allows for 3G and 4G connectivity.
  • Other features needed include phone dialer, push notification services, a movement and directional sensor, VOIP calling and a web browser component.

However, you do not need to be worried about most of the requirements since most of the phones having the Windows operating system have most if not all of these features.

Now, with all these features in place, we can proceed to the next step which is how to install the application to your phone. Just as we told you earlier it is very fast and simple to carry out this process. Here are detailed steps to help you.

How to install Viber in your Windows Phone.

First of all, the Viber application is readily available on the Windows phone apps.

  1. On your phone’s menu, you will find the Windows Phone app. Open it.
  2. Proceed to the search menu in the app and key in the name of the app and then press search.
  3. A number of social applications will be displayed on the screen but what you searched for, which in this case is Viber, will appear the first in the list.
  4. You can then click on to the application. A new window will be opened that reveals details about the application such as the memory capacity, requirements, the version of the app, the compatibility and many more. On that window, press the install bar.
  5. You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to fill in your Microsoft username and password.
  6. You can now easily download the app to your Windows phone.

Six simple steps to follow and Viber will be installed to your phone for use. However, that is not all, the Viber application has to be activated that is you have to go through the Viber setup in order to make it useful.

Viber Setup

After the installation from the Windows Phone Store is completed the application is now ready to use. You now have to register to the application to complete the setup process.

  • Find the application on your phone open it.
  • On the Welcome screen that will appear you can then click on to Continue.
  • Viber will then prompt you to enable it access the available contents in your phone. Select allow.
  • Then you will find a drop down menu indicating the countries in which you will have to select your country.
  • At the bottom of the drop down menu there is a textbooks in which you enter your phone number.
  • A SMS will be sent to the number you have filled in. The message will have an access code and comes after approximately sixty seconds.
  • Proceed with the arrow button at the bottom of the screen where you will find the Viber setup screen in which you will enter the access code sent to your phone.
  • Select the arrow button to proceed. The next step you will have to fill in your personal details such as first-name and adding photo. Once you proceed you are good to go and you can now start chatting.

In Viber, the number you register with is your ID. What this means is that you have no usernames and passwords to stress about, your phone number is enough. Once you give the application the permit to have access to your contacts, it automatically synchronizes and reveals each and every person who has a Viber account It is therefore not like some of the apps in which you have to search for your friends using the app. Everything is done for you.

Moreover, the same friends receive a notification indicating that you are also now a member of Viber. At later stages you will also be notified when one of your friends join it. If you have the app and yet you have a friend in your contact list who has not thought registering, it allows you to invite them.

All this makes Viber a very attractive application that you should download if you want to experience the best on matters social communication. Some of its fierce competitors from the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat and to some extent Skype have some similar features though Viber tries its best to be better and more competitive.

The app has strict privacy regulations with no advertisements to disrupt you. Not only is it available for Windows Phones but also other popular platforms such as iOs, Blackberry and Android. One other thing you. This is inclusive of installation and setup guides in various platforms be it Mac OS, Android phones and tablets, Windows 7 or older versions and iPhone and iPads. Plus, we have more detailed information regarding other direct competitors to this app such as Skype, WeChat, Whatsapp just to name a few.

From your Windows Phone chat and share with all your friends with this fantastic application.