If you are Clash of Clans fan, then you must have realized that gems are one of the most valuable items you can acquire.

The more gems you acquire the higher your score. These gems will help you put together a powerful army as well as bring down your enemies. This guide will focus on helping you gather as many gems as you can amass. There is an alternative and easier way of getting gems which is through purchasing but this guide will help you get the gems for free.

Start Saving Early

When you start the game, you are given 500 gems for free. You will be tempted to use the gems since you have them in plenty, but it is best to start saving up on them as soon as possible. The tutorial might require you to spend up to 250 gems, but you can try and skip it as well as other tasks that you can avoid in order to save as many gems as possible. These gems will come in handy later on in the game when you want to build a powerful army.

Clear the Debris            

Smaller amounts of gems will be awarded at random when you decide to clear up the debris like rocks and trees that are on the map. This will also help you keep the environment clean. The in-game achievements offered in Clash of Clans can come in handy when you want to get free gems. You should take advantage of the numerous activities that are offered in the game. Make sure you peruse through the list in Clash of Clans’ tasks and select those you can take part in. Among the common ones are abolishing 2500 xbows and becoming a champion, destruction of the 500 inferno towers among others. The time you spend on these tasks will be worth it as you will earn a gem from each accomplishment.

Secure a Position in the Leaderboard

Getting to the leaderboard is not as easy as many would imagine. You will need to have invested a lot your time playing the game and have amassed enough knowledge on how to conquer a battle. If you are able to do this, you can get an esteemed position among the three highest ranking clans in the game. In the weekly tournaments, you will get free gems if you have maintained your position in the leaderboard. The gems that are awarded are divided equally among the 10 best players. Paying a visit to the developer’s page on Facebook is also a good way to stay ahead and on top of your game. This is where tournaments and honoring of winners is done using the free gems.

Bottom Line

The more gems you have, the easier it is to play and score on Clash of Clans. At times you might stumble upon a gem box which will give you 25 free gems to make use of.


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