Quite often, Apple will unveil a new product and receive a great fanfare and a collective enthusiasm over the new product.

This sometimes happens even when the new product is simply a repackaged version of the old one. However, for the latest iMac, Apple has come up with features that cannot be compared to the previous version. It brings in a

Retina display desktop with an amazing 5K resolution. The new 27-inch iMac is not just impressive from that position alone, it offers a great performance, comes with exclusive specs and has a very beautiful design. Here are some exclusive features and specs of this new version of iMac.

Latest AMD graphics

This new iMac that has a Retina 5K display features the latest AMD graphics. It features a high performance graphics of up to 3.5 teraflops of graphics computing power. Therefore, whether you are watching a movie or making one, playing a game or designing one, you can be sure to have the best of viewing experiences. You will have the smoothest animation, speeds and responsiveness for the best visual experience ever.

Fourth generation Intel Core process 

The new iMac has the most powerful performance. The new fourth technology of quad-core -intel Core i5 -3.5 GHz processor is standard with this iMac. If you need a higher performance, you can have a quad-core 4.0 GHz Core i7 intel processor. Whichever type of processor you choose, you can be sure to have the highest performance and speeds you may need.

Beautiful screen

A quick look at the screen will give you a reason to buy the Retina iMac. Unlike other versions of iMac, the main attraction of this iMac is its crazy screen. This new screen features four times the pixels of the 27-inch standard iMac. This screen is a legitimately striking screen, it has been powered by an array of display technologies.

The screen features an Oxide TFT technology which helps in improving the refreshing rates and brightens it uniformly. It has an organic passivation tech that is similar to the iPad line pixels and a power-saving LED lighting at the back to reduce consumption of power.


Thunderbolt 2 display: The new iMac comes with a thunderbolt 2 display which offers excellent transfer speeds and a versatile expansion capability. It could deliver up to 20Gbps transfer speeds at each port.

Ports: This iMac has the latest USB 3.0 ports, it has an excellent transfer speeds. It also comes with a gigabit Ethernet jack and a headphone jack. There is a dead center located at the device’s back, this is the exhaust fan that can be easily opened to access its four RAM slots. The iMac’s memory is thus easily upgradeable with much ease.

The new Retina display iMac comes with a price tag of $2,499. This is a small difference from the previous Retina version that was $1,999. The 27-inch iMac features Mac properties through and through; incredible performance, powerful technologies, amazing built-in apps and the most advanced desktop operating system.

With its remarkable 5120 by 2880 resolution, you can be sure that you will experience the greatest display like never before.

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