Despite of the “bendgate” and “hairgate” issues, the reputation of new phablet from Apple wasn’t affected and the company managed to sell 10 million units so far, and it’s expected that the smaller iPhone will surpass it. But the market is filled with phablets and the Note 4 is one of the competitors with stand-out features that can convince many phone users to buy it. However, the iPhone 6 Plus has some aces up its sleeve that will determine you to reconsider buying the Note 4.

The metallic design looks more premium

Samsung preferred to use plastic instead of metal, not to increase the price of its products, and this decision was somehow criticized by the fans, who didn’t like the perforated back from the Galaxy S5 model, but the faux leather design made some waves and attenuated the decline in popularity. However, the Note 4 has a bit of metal in its “composition”, and that’s the frame encircling the sides. The iPhone 6 Plus has an aluminum alloy unibody which looks more elegant.

The iPhone 6 is ultra-thin

Apple made some of the slimmest smartphones out there, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a 7.1mm thick chassis and it weights 176grams. The Note 4 is 8.5mm thick and weights 176grams.

Displays and navigation features

Both displays are large, but the Note 4 has even a bigger display of 5.7inches, compared to the 5.5inches display from the iPhone 6 Plus. However, the Samsung phablet features an S Pen stylus and has a one-handed navigation feature which allows you to reduce the display to a smaller size, and the perimeter can be moved to right or left, leaving the rest of the screen blank. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, allows you to tap the home key twice in order to slide down the interface, making typing more convenient.

The Landscape Mode

Apple worked hard on a dedicated landscape mode for iPhone 6 Plus’ user interface, so when you’ll turn it side-wise, the UI will be redrawn perfectly, stretching along the increased width. The Note 4 with its TouchWiz UI will let you down in landscape mode.

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