Nowadays, there are apps available for almost everything. Whether you need directions, want to know about the nearest Chinese restaurant, or want to shop, apps make everything a lot easier.

Just like for others, special apps are also available for the athletes, and if you are one, the below given 5 best fitness apps for athlete will surely prove to be of help.

  1. Nike Training Club

The creators of the top line sportswear offer this useful and neat app, which helps athletes get their own personal trainer. There are more than 100 custom built workouts in the Nike Training Club app that will help you get a mean, lean, and well-toned body. It also has a calorie data that will help you keep track of your carb intake. Some additional features include:

  • Options to choose and set your music for workouts
  • Comprehensive workout routine, and you have the option to select any one of them as Quick-Start
  • Thorough drills including physical, interval, and cardio training
  1. Diet & Food Tracker

It is very important for every athlete to stay healthy and fit, and this app will help you keep track of your fitness and diet routine with absolute ease. Additional features offered include:

  • Database of above 2 million foods, with calorie count of each
  • Fitness tracker helps you keep a record of the calories you burn in each exercise routine.
  • Helpful articles on diet plans
  • Comprehensive calorie and weight information
  1. RunKeeper

This app has more than 20 million users, and is a perfect choice for those who take their running seriously. With the RunKeeper app, your android device will be converted into your very own personal trainer. This app comes with a GPS tracking system that will help you keep track of your running, hiking, cycling, and other activities. Additional features offered include:

  • Play your preferred music track while running
  • View complete data of your distance covered, time, speed, and calories killed.
  1. Runtastic


If you are training for a marathon, then this is one ideal app for you. Runtastic PRO uses the GPS of your android phone to keep track of your fitness activities, so that it becomes easier for you to create a roadmap for jogging, cycling, running, etc. It records your complete workout progress and offers statistics about the distance covered, time traveled, calories burned and so on. Some additional features offered are:

  • Search or create routes and get them synced to your device
  • Voice guidance throughout your exercise routine
  • Split table showing kilometer splits and active mile
  1. Workout Trainer

This is yet another comprehensive and professional app, which can help athletes stay in shape, with the various free workout programs. Workout Trainer offers you a personal trainer who will guide you step by step through your workout routines. Some additional features offered are:

  • Option to modify and customize workouts
  • Informative multimedia describing the workout routine properly
  • Ability to share your fitness routine on the social media circle
  • Chance to socialize with other exercisers on the app community

So, these are the 5 best fitness apps for athlete. Download one or more you find most helpful, and enjoy all the benefits.

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