According to the latest statistics, in the first 30 days of official release, the smaller version of the iPhone 6 outsold the bigger version in a 3 to 1 ratio.

The iPhone 6 accounted for 2/3 of sales in the month of September and early October. There are a few reasons why the iPhone 6 is the better option and we will try to break them down for you.

Size Matters

Size does matter; but in the case of the iPhone 6, in a different way. For years, Android users had access to bigger screen devices. And Apple’s fans never felt the urge and the need to go for a bigger screen. The reality is that Apple’s customers are more business oriented and most of them have a tablet they use when they need a device with a bigger screen display. From their smartphone, Apple’s users look for a compact design, and a handset that fits nicely in the pocket and in the hand. The 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is exactly that, a compact device that can be operated with just one hand. For a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus, you will have to include the second hand as well.

It is All about the Price

While Apple’s customers are hardly cheap, they value their money and look for the economically better option. They have no problems spending more for a quality device. The iPhone 6 costs $100 less than the iPhone 6 Plus but delivers almost the same performances. When it comes to specs, there is nothing different. Both devices operate on the same A8 64-bit chipset, with a dual core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. Both devices are supported by 1 GB RAM. Therefore, for $100 less, you get the same speed and powerful device.

Lifespan of the Battery

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a larger battery capacity. This much is true. And another important fact is that Apple’s devices have, for long, had issues with battery life. In that spirit, customers might be skeptical that a 5.5 inch device with a Retina display can last longer than a 4.7 inch device. Larger display requires more battery power. Apple claims both devices last for 10 hours, but one must trust a smaller device to deliver longer lifespan of the battery.

Better Video Quality

Tests have shown that the iPhone 6 Plus delivers lower video quality. The reason is that the device suffers from light video stabilization. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have that problem, which results with better video quality. For images though, the optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus is a deal breaker.

Better Scaling of Applications

For the time being, applications look better on the iPhone 6. While the company promises to improve the scaling of applications for the larger device, and adapt, the original iPhone 6 is just better at the moment. Developers have already started to develop special applications for the iPhone 6 Plus. There is no timetable on when the iPhone 6 Plus gets the advantage in applications. In the meantime, the iPhone 6’s size is better suited for applications.

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