Boom Beach is fun, addictive and allows you to experience unlimited hours of game play like never before.

But, when it comes to winning, it’s not easy, because a lot of strategic elements go into it and in order to succeed, you should master them all in an efficient manner.

The gun boats play an integral role in a player’s success and the more you learn about it, the easier it will be to kill your enemies and raid the beach. Gunboats are strong in the seas and they are capable of providing enough fire power while you move in with your army to attack their base. They can be upgraded up to level twenty and has many upgrades which make them the best choice for cover fire.

Using Gunboats

The advantage of using gun boats in Boom Beach is that they are capable of providing artillery fire. It makes them a useful aid during battles and will significantly support your troops, allowing them to move forward without much difficulty. In the beginning, these boats will have specific energy levels which can be further boosted up as you destroy more buildings. For every successful destruction of a building, you will earn three energy levels, which can be used to upgrade the boat.

It also provides additional support to your troops on the ground with multiple launches including smoke screens, med kits to help them recoup their health, flares and shock bombs to stun the enemies for a set time period. All of them when combined together in an efficient manner will significantly increase your chances of winning the battle with your available resources.

When you make upgrades to your boats, there will be some visual changes as well. When you reach level seven, it will receive an additional cannon, along with the one that is already present in it by default and at level fourteen, you will find that ship is now equipped with a front barrel. The size of the boat will also increase when it reaches higher levels.

Strategic Moves

The smoke screens found in gunboats in Boom Beach are really effective at blinding your enemy. It will give your troops enough time to advance and reach their defensive or offensive buildings before they make their move. Similarly, medkits help them in prolonged battles and they can also use barrage to send a volley of missiles to deal enough damage to enemy buildings.

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