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Download Viber PC Latest Update – Is This the New Skype?


Viber is a free voice calling application that came into being in 2010 and as of now, it has more than 500 million users across the globe.

This app came to offer services that were “owned” by Skype, a giant application that offers VoIP services to its users. Skype has been by no doubt the king of VoIP services since this industry came into being. However, just four years since it began, Viber has taken the market by storm. Boasting a massive number of users and active subscriptions per month across the globe, Viber is truly a force to reckon with in the VoIP industry. It has entered a niche that has been monopolized by Skype and surprisingly, it is doing quite amazingly.

Exceptional Rise in the Number of Users

In the four year period that Viber has been in operation, it has managed to acquire quite a large number of active users across the globe. Ever since it began, this app has been growing wings and as it stands, it is locked in a head-to-head battle with Skype in this business.

Viber has reached a point where it really has nothing to lose and if there is something to lose then Skype will be the one losing. This is because Skype is fighting to keep the loyalty of their long trusted customers while Viber is simply taking up Skype users as well as their potential users. It is Skype’s game to lose.

Despite the rise in the power of Viber, Skype hasn’t been on the receiving end as they have had their share of spoils when it comes to new features. In order to compete with Viber, Skype introduced a number of services notably making group video calls to be free as well as introducing the Skype Qik feature.

The Primary Difference

It is fair to say Viber has been smart in the way it has presented its services to users as opposed to Skype. This matter regards the advertising aspect of their services. While Skype poses itself to its users as a VoIP service provider, Viber poses itself as a free calling application. This is something that has turned out so well for Viber as it has helped win the mindset of consumers since they are better known to want services that reduce their expenses.

Viber for PC

Viber initially entered the market as a mobile-based app. On the other hand, Skype began as a PC-based app. These two apps have made inroads into each other’s original market and as it stands, Viber has taken the fight right to the doorstep of Skype.

The time Viber took to venture into the PC world was very short compared to what it took Skype to venture into the mobile niche. This just about proves the dedication Viber team has towards establishing itself as the premier free voice and video calling app. It is one of the few apps that have taken to the PC world after only enjoying a short success in the mobile industry. ,As it stands, things are pretty much in order for Viber.

Instant Messaging on your PC

Just as WhatsApp does with instant messages on mobile devices, Viber has this capability as well. But this time around, it brings the experience to your desktop. It offers almost similar IM services as those offered by Skype. However, its main concentration has been on offering “free voice calls”. This is an aspect that has been the company’s primary ideology.

Sync Contacts between PC and Phone

The latest update of Viber PC comes with yet another great feature that will ensure seamless functionality by allowing users to sync their Viber contacts between their PCs and phones. In this way, Viber users will not have to manually transfer Viber contacts from their phones to their PCs.


Skype is still the king when it comes to offering quality VoIP services. However, Viber has entered the market as a free voice calling app and this “free calling” aspect has really taken up the mindset of many across the globe.They’ve bought it and it is why the number of subscribers keeps soaring.

Despite the fact that Skype is still in control of a large sector of this VoIP market, one thing that is for sure is that they are aware of the potential threat posed by Viber.