The Huawei honor 6 is a mid-range smartphone, it is yet to receive its phablet version, the Huawei honor 6x. This device will be great for someone that liked the honor 6 but would like more features and a larger screen.

Even though it is yet to be released, features of this device have leaked. The new phablet also comes with a better set of cameras and a better display.



The camera is the most awaited feature of the new phablet. This is a new technology camera that creates a huge interest with this device. It is interesting to know that honor 6x will come with 3 camera units, two cameras at the rear and a front camera.

Both cameras at the front will have 8MP, these camera will also feature a dual shooter and a dual LED flash. It is expected that the new camera will come with stereoscopic enabled feature for depth image sensing. The camera records 1080p video, the two rear cameras will be able to provide 3D imagery.


As for its looks the Huawei Honor 6X is expected to come in a thin aluminum chassis. It will be as thin as the honor 6 with a footprint of 7.5 x 75.68 x 150.4mm. With a 7.5mm screen thickness, this is expected to be one of the slimmest android smartphone in the market. Honor 6 has a 5 inch display, however the new honor 6x is expected to come in a 5.5-inch display. This will be a great device for use as a phablet. The aluminum casing at its sides offers a premium appeal.


This device will also offer a pixel density of 401 PPI, this offers a great viewing experience. It will also have a beautiful IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen that enhances a better content viewing.


Just like the honor 6, the phone will be powered by an octa-core processor. However, it will have slightly low speeds of 1.8 GHz. This processor has been enhanced with a 3GB RAM, this will device will be therefore good for gaming and undertaking multiple tasks. Honor 6X comes with a 32 GB inbuilt memory. A memory card slot is available for a Micro-SD of up to 64 GB. The phone will be released with Android KitKat 4.4.2.

The honor 6x will pack within it a 3100mAh battery. This will offer a great power performance that could last for about 20 hours. The device will come with a dual SIM support. Connectivity options will include 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE, there is also a likelihood of having an IR blaster.


Though the price is yet to be announced, the price of Huawei honor 6x is expected to be slightly higher compared to honor 6. Honor 6 currently sells at $700.00, honor 6x is thus expected to sell at a price range of about $750-$800.

With this great features, Huawei Honor 6X is expected to be a great device. The 3D camera viewing will be the most interesting feature about this device. If you bought the Huawei Honor 6, liked it but wished that it came with a larger screen, honor 6X will grant your wish. The new phablet device is around the corner, it has been spotted at Chinese certification site TENNA and is about to be launched.

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