Most people think that they have already figured out all the features that mobile chat services offer and many of them think that they all offer just the same.

However, one chat service that’s breaking the norm is WeChat. This China-based chat app is not your ordinary messaging app because it’s more than that – at least, it offers more than your basic chat service features. WeChat is a combination of messaging app and social media. It lets you chat and at the same time socialize with your friends.


One of WeChat’s features that is unique, is called Moments. It’s where you can upload photos for your contacts to see and they can like and comment on it. Likewise, you can also send some love to your friends by liking their photos or posting comments. This feature is great if you don’t want to upload photos on your more public profile in social networks, like Facebook. In Moments, only your WeChat friends will be able to view your photos.

Walkie Talkie Session

This feature takes voice chat to a whole new level. If you want to take a break from voice chatting, you can try the Walkie Talkie feature which lets you play “cops” with your friends. You can act like you’re holding a real walkie talkie device and exchange mysterious voice messages with them. It’s a fun way to talk to people and WeChat is the only chat app that has this feature.

Shake Your Device to Meet People

If an outsider sees you shaking your device, he might think that there’s something wrong with your phone. In reality, you’re just shaking your phone so you can meet random people across the world. WeChat’s Shake feature works as you shake your device and someone else did the same gesture, you will be presented with that person’s profile. The two of you can then chat if you wish to be acquainted with one another.

Voice and Video Chats

Whether you want to hear someone’s voice or you want to see them face-to-face, WeChat allows you to use either features to stay connected. Granted that the same services are also available in other mobile chat services, however, WeChat has one of the better qualities. To call someone, simply go to Contacts and search for the person’s name. Once you’re in their profile, you can choose the service you want to do – messages or free call. If you click free call, the options Voice Call and Video Call will be available.

Voice Messages

If your friend is not online and you wish to vent out about something, you can make use of WeChat’s voice messaging feature. Click the voice message icon on the left side of the chat box and hold to talk. Record your message, no matter how long, and release it to send the voice message instantly. Once your friend goes online, he will be able to see the voice message you sent and listen to it. This feature is also perfect if you have a long message to deliver and you want to save time from texting.

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