WeChat, previously known as Weixin, is a Chinese-based instant messaging mobile application that was developed by a Chinese company known as Tencent and it first came into being in 2010.

What might come as a surprise is the fact that this application has risen to immediate popularity in such a short time, increasing its installations from about 5 million in 2011 to more than 400 million in 2014. Well, as earlier noted, this application was developed in China by a Chinese tech giant and we all know about the population of China. Of the more than 400 million current active users of WeChat across the globe, a staggering 70% is based in China alone. This means that the remaining 30% constitutes WeChat users from the rest of the world.

Easy Registration Process

WeChat registration is actually a very simple process. Just like WhatsApp and Viber, this app also requires an appropriate internet connection and your mobile number as registration details. What has come to be an obvious problem with instant messaging and voice calling apps is their inability to effectively work in poor network connections. This is no different from WeChat as it requires a better connection in order for you to make quality voice and video calls over the internet.

Support for Multiplatform

There is a swell in the number of mobile applications being developed despite the fact that there is already a huge number of instant messaging, voice and video calling apps in the market. However, offering support for multiple platforms is what distinguishes these messengers. Some are PC-based and others are mobile based. On the other hand, you’ll find others capable of supporting different operating systems on various devices.

This is what you get with WeChat as this instant messenger can run on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, Symbian and BlackBerry mobile operating systems are also supported by this app. This is one major reason many more users are joining this bandwagon.

If you haven’t made up your mind just yet, here are some pointers to help you out.

WeChat moments – just like with Facebook status, WeChat provides its users with a feature known as “WeChat Moments.” This feature allows users to share their personal moments using a picture.

Group chats – it is possible for users to form group chats consisting of not more than 100 members. This is quite a large number when compared to what other apps like Viber and LINE offer.

Games and multimedia sharing –Just like users can play games while making video calls in Tango, WeChat now offers a similar feature where users can play against each other while on chats. This takes the fun moments of using this app to the next level. Furthermore, users can take photos and share them directly from their devices. Other multimedia files that can also be shared by this app include audio and video files.

Friend radar and people nearby features – WeChat offers users other great features that make it different from the rest. These two features can help you look for new friends within your location and initiate a chat with them. With these features, you can find WeChat users by shaking your phone and immediately connect with any other person undertaking the same shaking act at the same time as you.

Share your location – WeChat has many features, something that is becoming a norm with many instant messengers. These features are like hooks that catch users and stick them to these apps. WeChat is no exception from these great features. Another of them is sharing of your location status with your friends.

High quality voice and video calls – WeChat is best known for its efficiency when it comes to consumption of data bundles. It consumes relatively low bandwidth when compared to Viber and Skype during both voice and video calls. Despite this scenario, this app delivers some of the best voice and video calls when it comes to quality of pictures and clarity of voice.

Sticker gallery – WeChat keeps attracting more users thanks to the extensive collection of stickers it boasts in its store. To better off things, these stickers are animated unlike in other apps and in this way, expressing oneself is made even easier.

Other features – Privacy is a very weighty matter when it comes to the internet. WeChat developers have this in mind and this app is certified by TRUSTe and with it, your privacy is a guarantee. Last but not the least, WeChat instant messenger is available for download as a freeware. There are no hidden charges of any kind. However, you should note that connecting via the internet will of course attract some charges from your local mobile carrier.

WeChat users can also choose from a variety of over 20 languages this app supports. In case of international chats, this app offers the option of translating messages into your favored language.


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