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It seems like this is the period of update for operating systems.

Following an update to the iOS and Android, Microsoft is now updating the Windows Phone 8.1. The latest update is under the code name Lumia Denim, and brings a series of new features for users. The OS is available for customers who have signed for Windows Phone Developer Preview and should be available for select phones at the beginning of 2015.

New Battery Display

One of the updates that the OS brings is an easier way to track and monitor battery life. Users can now track it in real time. The Battery Saver tile now becomes Live Tile, where the remaining percentage of the battery is shown. Users can add the Battery saver to their quick action settings.

Microsoft Has Siri as Well

Microsoft will add its own virtual assistant. The assistant is named Cortana, and it is a passive listening VA, which you can wake up with the words ‘Hey Cortana’.

Health Applications on the Way

Microsoft is jumping on the popularity of and trend of health applications. The new update to the OS brings apps like Bing Health, Bing Weather, Fitness Data and others, designed to improve the health of their customers.

Camera Updates

The new OS will bring series of updates to the camera application. With the update, users will get the opportunity to record videos in 4K, as well as some nifty features like Moment Capture and Auto HDR. Moment Capture is a feature when users can record videos at 24fps, and save each frame as an 8.3-MP image. The new application for the camera is faster and more intuitive. The image processing algorithms are also improved.

Which Devices Are Getting the Update?

Among the first devices to receive the new update are Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 830. Other devices should follow, but those three are the first to get the update. At the moment, the rumored date is the beginning of next month, or beginning of 2015.

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