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5 Reasons Why Downloading Instant Messengers and Other Apps from Trusted Sites is Recommended


New owners of PCs, tablets and smartphones often find themselves in the dark when it comes to downloading new applications for their devices.

Some do not know where to go to download while others do not know why developers of messaging applications recommend genuine downloads and/or why any other type of applications should be downloaded from recommended distributors.  There are sound reasons why you should not go to any other site to download applications but to the credible ones, either specific app stores or official app websites.


Users of messaging applications want software that is safe to use. One way of attaining foolproof safety is to obtain your software from a trusted site. You get a genuine product that you can bank on to protect you from unscrupulous hackers and snoopers who can intercept your private chats.

There is no need of using a shortcut that will make you regret. Android devices automatically recognize suspicious software that is obtained from backstreet markets. Android blocks such installations until you give your sanction in the settings of your device and allow the installation. If you love your privacy, heed Android’s concerns and obtain genuine applications.


When you download messaging applications from authorized stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store (iTunes) you stand a chance to obtain other similar applications free of charge. There is a plethora of useful apps suggested by genuine app stores for you to try freely. There are also affordable premium apps that you can try out.


Downloading messaging applications from genuine dealers gives you a chance to compare prices, features, and performance so that you make informed choices before hitting the download button. If for example you want to download WhatsApp you will find information on other related apps such as Facebook messenger, Viber and Skype.  The reviews by users who have used the application first hand, help you know the suitability of an application. You learn how to debug an application from information offered by developers when users review the app and rate it.


Messaging apps gotten from genuine app stores run optimally compared to the ones downloaded from unauthorized websites. This is because the ones from accredited distributors are well serviced and have regular maintenance systems. They can be updated to include the latest features and take up less space than corrupted and manipulated look-alikes obtained from random blogs and websites.

Many free applications support voice and video messaging. All you need to do is to download them from where they are genuinely offered: Google Play Store and iTunes.

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By now you must have experienced a situation where the moment you get an application you start wondering how you managed to live without it so far. It becomes a part of your life and you cannot comprehend how you survived in the past without it. Take for instance, WhatsApp or Viber. There are plenty of pleasant surprises in app stores waiting to be discovered, to be tried and to be enjoyed. Tap the potential and you will not get enough of it when you are fully hooked.