It is well known that Apple and Google always competed with their OS mobile platforms. Now, after Google has released their Android 5.0, it is rumored that Apple will “borrow” a few of the features on their upcoming iOS 9.

Some top features that can be borrowed by Apple from Google’s Android 5.0

Priority Mode 

This is a new feature that came with Android 5.0. Many users didn’t understand what the new feature does and they were asking themselves where the Silent Mode feature went to. Now, if you bring your phone’s volume lower than level 1, it will enter the vibration mode, and if try to bring it “lower” than that, it will not enter the Silent Mode but instead it will stay on vibrate mode. Priority Mode is actually more powerful than the Silent Mode, as you have the power to control the notifications for every application. With other words, you can set your phone to allow Facebook notifications and at the same time to ignore Twitter notifications.

Smarter notification 

Lollipop was inspired by Apple’s notifications, but at the same time Google brought an improved smarter notification. The new smarter notification will allow you to continue playing a game, but at the same time to ignore the incoming calls. This is great if you are using some intense game such as Flappy Bird or games where you work hard to obtain a big score.

Multi Tasking Mode 

The new multi taking mode that Android 5.0 came with, will allow you to work beyond the list of the application you’ve used recently. You are able to see every task and tab running. With other words, you will be able to switch from your inbox to your message draft with ease.

While Google expected that everything will go as smoothly as possible, the Android 5.0 has received many complaints from some users, which have spread the word and made a few users think twice before upgrading to the new Android version.

Some Nexus 7 users reported that their device is running very slow and it is crashing sometimes too. Also, Adobe is having some problems with the Android 5.0.

However, even if we like it or not, Android 5.0 come with great features that can be imported by Apple for the upcoming iOS 9. As for Google, they should fix the current bugs and errors that they have on Android 5.0.


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