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Download Viber and Make Free Calls with the Lowest Bandwidth


Sending of text messages over the internet has become a norm.

Many people across the globe walk around with smartphones and it is hard not to notice someone busy scribbling on their phones – probably they are sending a friend or loved one a message over the internet.

However, sending messages over the internet can sometimes be cumbersome, especially in cases where the sender is on the move or maybe has a very important and urgent message to deliver in a very short time. This is when free calling steps in. When you use these free calling apps, you will be able to directly deliver your message and in the shortest time possible.

A Change for the Good

Viber has totally changed the way communication works and especially with matters with VoIP services on mobile devices. Viber has been a world leader in uniting people and bringing them together under one common umbrella. People can also keep in touch with each other regardless of their places of residence using this free calling feature from Viber.

Viber has evolved into one of the most popular VoIP apps across the globe in such a short period. Arguably, it can be called the undisputed king of free voice calling. Despite this, there are apps that offer services similar to what Viber does, yet it still remains at the top of the list. You are now about to find out why this is so.

Free Calls

Viber has been successful in advertising itself as a free calling app. This is what users are looking for. They want an app that will give them a calling platform that is free of any charges and/or phone bills. Apart from the charges levied for data plans, the rest of the services you get from Viber are free for all users.

The ViberOut Feature

Users of Viber can make calls to non-Viber users, but only at a small cost. This option was recently introduced thanks to Viber’s new feature of ViberOut, which works in a similar manner as SkypeOut. Viber users can use this feature to make calls to non-Viber users at a very low cost, especially when making overseas calls.

Low Data Consumption

Making free calls on Viber, both local and international calls require an active data plan. However, when compared to other VoIP service providers, Viber uses up fewer data bundles during calls. It only requires users to be connected to a 3G, 4G or the WiFi connection.

Automatically Imports Phonebook Contacts

Once Viber is installed on your device, it automatically searches your phonebook to find out the contacts in your list that have a Viber account. These contacts are then added to your Viber contacts list. The choice of keeping or blocking Viber users remains with you. The latest Viber version offers users with this option where you can choose to block or keep a contact in your Viber contacts.

In order to block or unblock a person on Viber, navigate to the navicon icon at the top of your screen and from there you’ll get the options for unblocking and blocking contacts.

Delete Messages

Viber users can easily get rid of unwanted messages by simply navigating to the desired message, tap and hold, and from the resulting options, choose to delete the file you selected.

Doddling on Viber

The latest version of Viber has launched a feature that emulates Google’s Doodling. With this feature, Viber users can toy around with various images. To commence doodling, locate the navicon at the top of the page labeled “Doodle on this photo” and from there you can edit your photo in a number of fun ways. This is where your creativity and imagination will serve you well. You can also share the doodled image with your friends.

Easily Share Multimedia Files

Users of Viber can now choose from a list of music files, video files as well as images and actually share these files with friends on Viber. It’s very simple to do this, simply locate the “Conversations gallery” and from there you can share any file you wish.

Find Old Messages

It is very easy to find a recent message received on Viber with the latest version. In order to quickly browse through your Viber messages, it is required that you locate the switch option to allow you to swipe your phone’s screen right and left to speed up the search process.