If you are one of the guys who damaged their iPhones after dropping them to the ground, then you should know that future Apple devices will be better protected.

On Thursday, Corning introduced their next generation Gorilla Glass, which they say it’s two times tougher than any competitive cover glass from the market. The Gorilla Glass 4 was designed to fix smartphone users’ top problem, which is the screen breakage after a stupid fall.

After examining hundreds of broken devices, the Corning developers found out that more than 70% of the breaks were caused by coming into direct contact with rough surfaces, such as dropping your phone on the street. That’s why they used this knowledge to develop their new Gorilla Glass and simulated real breaks of devices, dropping devices with the screen facing down from a height of one meter, so that the glass came into direct contact with the rough surface.

This way, the scientists realized that the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is now two times tougher than any competitive glass out there. Also, they confirmed that 80% of the time, the test was successfully passed.

James R. Steiner, the general manager and senior vice president at Corning, said that Corning Gorilla Glass has outperformed any competing materials out there. Steiner added that they are in a continuous development and they’ll try to push to the limits with the glass they just made.

At the same time, the marketing director David Velasquez was about to reveal what they did on improving the new glass, but then he decided to talk about a major change that they made to the glass, and it seems that the scientists used single sandpaper.

It is good to know that the new Gorilla Glass 4 is 0.11mm thinner than the previous model. With other worlds, the Gorilla Glass 3 measures 0.55mm and the new Gorilla Glass 4 is only 0.4mm thick.

This news comes one month later after reports revealed that Apple doesn’t have a good relationship with GT Advanced Technologies, the company who was going to deliver the sapphire glass for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (which didn’t happen). However, Corning didn’t clarify who will be the first product that will feature their new Gorilla Glass 4, but we will most likely see it soon enough on some future devices.

Back in 2007, Gorilla Glass was launched and until now, this protection glass was used on over than 3 billion devices.

Did you ever break your phone’s screen after an unlucky fall? Do you think that this new Gorilla Glass 4 will protect your device’s screen much better than the previous version?

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