4J Studios, the developers of Minecraft PS3 are working to bring out the title update 18 as soon as possible.

A lot of new features which will be part of the update has been confirmed including the addition of horses, fireworks, beacons, witches among many others. Recently, the developers also confirmed two new features which will be part of the game once the tu18 rolls out.

In their official twitter blog, they earlier said that the team needs more time for development as the upcoming update is big in size and needs more development. They are yet to officially announce a release date for the same which we expect should roll out real soon. For now, let’s explore the new updates namely the name tag and the lead.

Name Tag

The name tag is a self-descriptive feature in Minecraft PS3 because it allows players to name mobs in any world. It is an item which makes it possible to name them. There are different ways to acquire these name tags from multiple sources. Players can get them from dungeon chests, which are a natural occurrence, by fishing and also by trading it with villagers.

Before you use them, there are some procedures to be followed only after which the name tag will be useful to you. Before you use it, it should be renamed using an anvil and then it can be used with any mob to name them. It can be used as many times as you need it to be.

After you rename a mob, its name will be displayed above its head, which makes it easy to identify them. It makes the mob tamed and will stop them from spawning in different worlds.

Lead aka Leashes

Lead, which is also known as leashes, is used to control and lead fully trained passive mobs in the desired direction. In order to craft a lead, you have to use two different ingredients – slime ball and the string. Once it is ready, just right click on the mob and they will be ready to be moved by the player in any desired direction.

Almost every passive mob can be controlled by using the lead, including horses, donkeys, rabbits, golems, pigs, and cows. You can find a list of passive mobs in the official Minecraft PS3 forum. The same update will also bring these features to PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

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