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Minecraft Xbox One – Your Imagination is the Limit


Worlds Both Big and Small

Minecraft is known for its picturesque castles and cities and also for its smaller touches. The Minecraft game version for Xbox One comes offering the worlds, the large and the small along with tools for creating your own paradise.

Survival Mode

Players work their way through the technology in the survival mode, which is the default mode. The goal in this mode is to look for shelter or food as well as tools. The basic task is to hammer at the oak trees or spruce trees and obtain wood blocks. After collecting these wooden weapons, you have to move on to iron tools and stone tools. You can even find diamonds deep within the earth. For some time, you may also have to kill animals, pigs and cows to stave off your hunger at least temporarily.

The Crafting Menu

In the crafting menu, you can convert the wood into planks and produce crafting tables, which offers the foundation of the game experience. The crafting table experience remains the same in the console versions as well as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and for Xbox One. However the options are different for these compared to the desktop version of Minecraft. You can search for all kinds of tools or decorative items in the options. If all the ingredients necessary for creating a particular item are present, it will be colored or else it will remain opaque.

More Streamlined

In case of the PC version, you have to keep trying till you succeed and you have to place planks or sticks to produce items. In case of the Xbox One version and other console versions, you can create the new items merely by having the material in the inventory for crafting them. The process of crafting items in the Xbox One version is more streamlined as compared to the PC method. You don’t have to continually rub many things and combine them to produce something. You can build the empire very quickly as there is no need to look up such recipes online.

Setting Quests

Minecraft for Xbox One is not a game where there are quests set out by the game, but rather one where you set the quests. There are no missions that have to be completed or a story to follow. You can view many sights from the forests, the swamplands and so on. You can go on many adventures through the desert and search for materials to craft items from. There are books that can be stolen, trade to be done with villagers and crops that you can harvest. There is an exciting temple that is half buried and below which there is treasure to be found.

More Scope for Adventure

As the project becomes more and more complex, it also increases the scope of adventure in the game. There is a sense of accomplishment when you bring blocks of wood or stone and start creating things. They may be small or even ugly, but you own it and it gives you a sense of pride. There are also dangers that can stalk you at various stages of the game. For instance, there are these vicious animals and creatures that can attack you with their arrows or poisoned fangs. The player has to protect himself with weapons that have been crafted from iron or leather. Many types of dangerous creatures haunt the game, such as a skeleton archer that could knock you down the river.


Minecraft Xbox One slowly eases the player into the game basics, with tooltips helping the player by informing him of the blocks and their uses. The game comes with a tutorial mode that offers in depth information and is almost like a game itself teaching the player everything that is to be learned.