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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one special smart phone. The thing is simply a sophisticated beauty.

When you are rockin’ a phone this classy and sleek, not to mention it wasn’t cheap, you have a responsibility in protecting it. If any phone on the planet warrants the need and use of a good case, it would have to be the S5. As you might guess, there are a ton of options in that department. Let’s go and take a glimpse into the world Samsung Galaxy S5 cases.

To start the question is how to get a nice looking, effective case that doesn’t call for the need to drop by the bank unexpectedly to pull out a loan to buy it. On the other hand you don’t want to pull the change out of your jeans 5th pocket to spend on Ebay just so you can order a $3 piece of you know what, just to see it decompose in the following couple days.

There are several important factors that have to be weighed in order to make the best decision for a good case for your 5S. Factors like, Capacity, personality, occupation and how it handles.

Below is a comprehensive list of quality, well documented with positive reviews, S5 cases around and available for purchase:

The Otterbox Commuter:


Otterbox has built a worthy tradition on being tough, but sometimes tough doesn’t mix with a sexy appearance. With the Commuter, it actually achieves that rare feat of looks and grit. This pretty thing comes in a variety of cool colors, both for the outer layer and the inner layer, giving you ways to express your personality. Another thing that is cool is the fact that the case slides open, revealing a compartment for cards, cash and notes. This will assure your that when you grab your phone, you will have all the important stuff tagging along with it. The case is slim but tough as nails so it would be an ideal for sticking in your pocket. The average online price is: $39.00

Belkin 2-In-1 Wallet Folio Case:
Anybody who has a fashion conscience, who doesn’t want to lose functionality, then this Belkin 2-in-1 Wallet Folio Case is up your alley. This cool case comes with an additional fold for notes, cash and cards, three card slots, a magnet closure to keep it sealed when not in use. Multiple colors for a mix and match plus the shell case offers optimum protection to keep you little precious safe. The average online price is: $39.00

Incipio Flexfolio:


This Plexo Folio case is loud, but in a good way. It has style and grace, and the protection is top notch with it’s thin, tough frame. It is then coupled with a suede, microfiber lining and the outer lining is made from a superior faux leather.The design of this case was spawned by a little brainpower as it is very interesting as to how it was built. The case actually snaps into place, giving the user the option to view it hands free. If you are a chronic mobile video hound, this case would be brilliant for you.

The Griffin Survivor:


For you folks who put a lot of importance in protection then the Griffin Survivor would be to your loving. This sucker is about as tough as it gets, plus keep in mind that the this phone meets the standards of the U.S. Department of Defense. Yo can pretty much bet that any drop of the phone will likely not add up to a hill of beans, it is that protective.It has a shock-absorbing polycarbonite frame with a sillicon lining tha is extremely shock absorbant. This bad boy will shield your phone from water. dirt and sand. This is the quintessential Samsung Galaxy S5 cases. Unfortunately it won’t protect it from those annoying, obsessive texts from your ex. The average online price is $49.00

So whether it’s the basic function of protecting your Galaxy S5 for a few dollars, or embracing the accessory and ‘pimping’ up your Samsung for fifty dollars or more, we’re sure you’ll agree that the humble cellphone case is an essential accessory and can be as much as you want to make it in terms of it’s fashion status.

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