Advancements in computer technologies have led to the development of elegant gaming applications.

Game developers are continuously coming up with new consoles that feature exciting and addictive interactions. In the gaming world, Temple Run 2 Vs Subway Surfers is the biggest ongoing discussion. There is a set of gamers who think Temple Run is better than Subways surfers. There is also a group that thinks otherwise.

For those who are yet to interact with either of the games, here is a detailed description of what they entail. Nonetheless, both are very interesting and exciting. The activities are simply engaging and exhilarating it would be impossible to concentrate on another thing while playing.

Temple Run 2

Before deciding which game deserves the superiority praises, it is important to know what each entails. Temple Run 2 is basically an endless running game where players do not stop running until their demise. It was produced back in 2011 and sequels for iOS and Android have also been released. Gamers can therefore enjoy this game on their mobile gadgets. In this game, you will be able to control a virtual player who steals valuables from a temple. After stealing, the player is in constant escape, being chased by demonic monkeys that inhabit the temple. The temple quite large and does not end so heroes will basically run until the demonic monkeys capture and kill them, or when they fall and die.
The game features several challenges and points to gather along the way.

• Playing Temple Run
In this game, heroes are expected to keep the monkeys off their trail and avoid dangerous objects, leaps and falls that may kill them. There are three sets of coins to pick; gold, red and blue coins. A gold coin is worth one credit while red and blue coins are worth 2 and 3 credits respectively. These credits can be used to purchase and upgrade power-ups. They are also used to buy or unlock other characters.

Temple Run 2 is very exciting and easy to play. To turn left or right only requires gamers to swipe their fingers in that particular direction. Jumping over and sliding under an object is also accomplished in the same fashion by simply by swiping upwards and downwards respectively. Accomplishing goals is, however, challenging and will require continued practice just like with other games.

Since its release, Temple Run has gone ahead to experience over a billion downloads worldwide. It is available in iTunes Store and Google Play. A spinoff called Temple Run Brave was also released later on. The games settings and environment are perfect, depicting realistic backgrounds and possibilities.

Subway Surfers


Like Temple Run, Subway Surfers is an endless running game which means there is no stopping until the hero is caught. This game was produced in 2012 and runs on iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms. It is very exciting as well and mainly involves youthful hooligans who are caught applying graffiti on the walls of a metro railway site.

They flee and escape from the inspector and his watchdog upon being caught. After this, the hero character is pretty much in constant running. There are various challenges including eluding subway cars and avoiding dangerous falls. The hero will also be able to collect reward coins from the air.

• Playing Subway Surfers
In this game, the main challenges is not to get caught by the railway inspector and/or his dog. You should also watch out for subway cars and other equipment to avoid being hit and dying. Subway Surfers is really fun to play as you can find unique shoes that allow you to jump over trains. The hero character is rendered in graphical vectors as stylized cartoons. There are regular characters available at all the times as well as special ones who are only available for limited periods. Each character has individual attributes and special abilities. Apart from the credit coins, gamers can also participate in various weekly challenges for rewards.

Subway Surfers has gained much popularity since its release. Although there is no sequel, the game runs perfectly on mobile gadgets and operating systems. Playing is quite easy and gamers can effortlessly accomplish simple activities such as jumping, sliding and taking sharp corners.

Temple Run vs Subway Surfers

For non-seasoned gamers, identifying the superior application may be quite daunting, especially since they are both very exciting. Endless running games are often engaging because you are in constant escape. However, you can point out a number of differences between the two games. In fact, it is these differences that are used to establish the ultimate game.

What one game has and another lacks is nonetheless not necessarily an advantage unless it provides a new experience or capability. Some extra features may not be relevant to the gamer and therefore offer little benefit. Comparing the two games, Temple Run can be seen as a better option in a number of areas, but so is Subway Surfers. Temple run has a sequel and there is a process of unlocking new characters, a possibility that lacks in Subway Surfers.

The setting is also reasonably realistic and players are constantly traversing changing areas of the temple. You can ride mine carts, jump over or slide under objects that relate to that environment. Subway Surfers on the other involves flying on jet packs, dodging your irritating boss and finding special shoes that allow jumping over trains. The setting and available surrounding is arguably unrealistic and most activities cannot be compared with any real world happenings.

In Temple Run, you are dodging things worth dodging like three small monkeys or a giant monkey. You jump over realistic objects like logs and gaps within the landscapes. Subway Surfers fly on jet packs and jump over absurd things like moving trains which is more comic and exhilarating without actual seriousness.


While Temple Run employs a level of realistic challenges and outperforms Subway Surfers on that end, both games cannot be blamed for lack of thrill and excitement. Game lovers will definitely develop an addiction for both. They bring all the advantages of playing an endless running game and provide various challenges.

Moreover, you can get credit points and rewards which can be used to buy other components of the game to improve the experience. That said, both games are highly recommended and can run on modern advanced mobile devices.

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