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4 Reasons PES 2015 is Undoubtedly a Better Soccer Game Out There


It is a war between EA and Konami when it comes to be the best in soccer gaming.

These two popular game development companies have their own flavor and fan following for FIFA and PES respectively. While FIFA is slightly more famous for beginners, PES is built for pro soccer players and there is no mercy for mistakes. Players, who want to experience true soccer holding the gamepads in hand, will always choose PES over FIFA. Every year, both of these leading soccer game franchises come up with a new release that go straight to the soccer game hall of fame. Eventually, Konami will be coming up with PES 2015 next year. Let’s now take a look at the areas where PES 2015 has the edge over FIFA 2015.

PES 2015 – Built for Pros

If you are a true soccer fan by heart and you want to play in the boots of your favorite soccer stars, PES 2015 is certainly a better choice for you. The upcoming edition of PES is built for the true soccer pros. The ‘true ball motion’ technology is far ahead from what FIFA offers you as realistic. PES has redefined the collision physics and it all seems like happening in real life matches. PES requires more than just sheer passion for the game. You need to master the PES exclusive tricks and gameplay controls for a superior soccer experience.

Players Look Better

PES 2015 gives you an ultra-realistic soccer gaming experience with true-life faces of your favorite soccer super stars. For example, if you are an avid Cristiano Ronaldo fan, you will love playing PES 2015 with a more lifelike face of him, whereas FIFA 2015 struggles hard with lifeless faces that look scary. PES 2015 is definitely the future in soccer gaming for the fans who demand nothing but the best in terms of real life depiction of a soccer match.

Polished Stadium Graphics

As it happens with the players, the same goes for the stadium graphics in PES 2015. The stadiums in this game have gone through several reality checks and polishes. FIFA may boast of having the maximum number of licensed grounds. PES excels in creating audience that is more realistic and that clap and boos as the game progresses. It is much like the real life soccer match scenario and it only comes with PES when you want to take control of your own soccer world.

Complete Euro League Coverage

FIFA may already have licenses for English Premier League, PES has gone for a long shot covering almost every possible leagues in Europe and its sub-continents. If you want to experience the best of European matches, you have to go with PES 2015.This time, the game features UEFA Champions League, Europe League, Super Cup and other knock out championship leagues. PES 2015 is your chance to experience the best of European soccer tradition and build your own reputation with global score statistics. Of course, you can create your own matches in the single player mode. What else do you need out of a soccer game in 2015? So, you must get ready, pull up your socks for the PES 2015 coming up next year.