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Android 5.0 Lollipop Download – What’s Wrong And How To Fix It


Overall, the new operating system from Google has been well received as it offers a very smooth navigation and all those animations and lovely colors are just a delight to look at. However, not everyone running the new Android 5.0 Lollipop can tell you the same thing. The OS has been causing some users some problems, and for those less fortunate that experienced these inconveniences, we give you a guide on how to fix those pesky problems that are in your way of enjoying Google’s masterpiece.

System .img file

This error has been reported to appear during the OS flash on Nexus 5  devices. The users that have experienced it claim that the error said a certain System.img file was missing. In this case, the solution is to flash those images manually. After that, you should be good.

WiFi problems

This is a persistent problem for Nexus 5 owners. Just like with previous operating system versions, you will have to wait for an update from Google to solve the problem definitely, but until then, there are a few temporary solutions you can try, such as resetting the router, forgetting and reconnecting to WiFi signal, toggling the Airplane Mode on and off, or changing WiFi frequencies.

The Battery Bug

If you are experiencing problems with the battery life of your device after the installation of the new Android Lollipop, it may be because you updated on top of a firmware that was already there. The solution for this problem consists of doing a factory reset and backup for your device. If you have been putting this off, it might be a good time to take a minute and completely refresh your device.

Video Playback

After installing the new Android version, many users using the Nexus 7 tablet  have complained about a video playback bug that occurs with the default video player. This happened with both apps and YouTube, so the way to fix this is to clear the cache or re-install the problematic app. This solved the problem for some, but even if it doesn’t and you still have to wait for Google’s update, you now have a temporary solution for your issue.

Recent Apps and Chrome

The Recent Apps screen no had a card stack design, and while some took a liking into the new style, others disagree with it, saying that their hardware’s performance slows down the more card there are. There is no fix for this, unfortunately, so you will have to continue swiping o clear them all, although some claim that the recent apps you swipe away come back somehow. Also, the recent apps screen will also store your Chrome pages individually, which is set by default. This is something you can change, by going to the browser’s settings and disable the option that says  Merge Tabs And Apps.