For Rovio, this looks like a great year to be, because they have accomplished multiple milestones during this period and have also managed to impress the crowd with their new offerings.

The team has even come up with a side scrolling shooter adventure based on the Transformers series. The popular teenager friendly Stella from the house of Angry Birds has even received an all new Android launcher and it is something of a phenomenal success for a game that got released like any other, a couple years ago.

Now, the racing kart style Mario inspired title Angry Birds Go has reached a massive 100 million downloads since its launch and it is without a doubt a joyous occasion for the entire team behind the development. According to the latest update, the Go kart game has been downloaded over 107 million times already and it is still continuing to grow at a rapid pace, which makes it something of a noteworthy title.

Celebrating the Achievement

Rovio is all set to celebrate the Angry Birds Go achievement and has announced that they have spent many hours in building an all new feature for the game. Instead of being a solo racing experience, with the new update the title is going to receive team multiplayer features that would allow players to team up with other friends or online partners to go against a rival team.

It sounds like a really fun filled feature to go for because that will easily bring this already console quality game on par with other AAA titles, because of this new multiplayer feature. The multiplayer mode will support six players at a time, with three on each side. It doesn’t end there because the title will also receive a Night time racing update, which adds new perspective to the already existing maps.

Expanding Horizons

The developers have been using the Angry Birds franchise as the key; but have been slowly expanding their horizons into different genres of gaming to make sure they stay in the competitive industry.

They have already released an RPG style like and the new Transformers association takes the Angry Birds to an all new level of excitement. It is a side scrolling shooter and a console quality title that proves Rovio has the potential in them to go big. Given these circumstances, it wouldn’t be surprising if they could come out of it and make titles that only Ubisoft and Gameloft would do.

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