Starting a new role playing game is always hard, even if you are new to this type of games or not. First of all, it’s always hard to pick a class, race and a name (since all nicknames are usually taken on well know online games). After that, you start finding out what’s the best way to level up faster so that you reach the highest level and start enjoying the game to the fullest.

Picking a Race

Each race comes with some attributes that makes them better for a specific class. For example, Elves are good at reducing the damage from ranged attacks, which make them quite good rogues. Qunari have melee damage resistance and they can be some kind of tanks. Dwarves have big magic resist, but at the same time they can’t be mages. Humans get an extra ability point, which makes them quite good. However, if you want to pick a race, pick one that you will enjoy playing with and don’t care about these things.

Don’t rush when creating your Character

Inquisition character creator is quite nice and robust and we can say that is worth taking your time to customize your character the way you want. You can also make your character say a few different lines, to see how exactly it will look like during some scenes.

Rerolling your character for FREE

In case you want to reroll your character you can do it the first time for only 1 coin. Go at the blacksmith in Haven and you will see a seller in front of the right corner as you walk in. Buy the amulet that reset your ability points and use it so that you can reassign your ability points.

Re-spec your character at least once at high level

It is always good to test things out once you are high level. This is very useful to understand how the game works and how your character can be more powerful than it currently is. Each re-spec will cost you 345 coins so that’s not so expensive after all.

Checking Haven

After you start the game you will see yourself walking around your home base which is Haven. While you begin questing at The Hinterlands, you should stick around Haven for a bit to check what quests you can do there. After that, you can go to Hinterlands and you will get a few more quests that you will get you back to Haven. They are giving quite good experience and they are worth doing.

Return often to the base

Try to get back to base as often as possible as there are many things that you can check in. For example you can get a new quest as it gets unlocked at a specific level (which you reached after heading outside of the base). Once you do 2-3 objectives we suggest you to head to the base and check for new quests.

Turning in research items

In Haven you will notice a character that stands in Josephine’s office. That character is in charge of research and you will be able to turn in your yellow researched items to her. This will give you xp and damage bonuses which you definitely need.

Sell your valuables

While in other games these items are called “loot” or “junk items”, in Inquisition they are called valuables. These are items that you loot and don’t really need and you get some good coins by selling them to vendors. It only takes about one minute, so when you notice that your inventory is full of “junk” just sell it to some vendor to clear your “bags” and get some virtual money out of it. We suggest you to keep the yellow items and give them to the research character for some xp and attack bonuses, as we told you above.

Craft Armor but don’t craft weapons

The crafting system in Dragon Age: Inquisition is quite cool, but you will find out that it’s not worth crafting weapons in this game. However, you can craft quite good armors, by killing dragons and collect valuable bones and hide.

Crafting upgrades

You can craft some custom arms, legs or weapons accessories. Those rarely drop and after all some crafted weapon accessories can add some nice buffs to your gear.

Replacing Runes

Most of the weapons can hold up to one rune and the once you add it to your weapon you can’t remove it. However you can replace the rune with a more powerful one. As soon as you have a more powerful rune, don’t hesitate to replace it.

Naming the crafted gear

You can rename the weapons and armors that you crafted. So yeah, it’s always cool to have some custom named gear and we suggest you to do so.

Loot Everything

As in any game that relies of making virtual gold, we suggest you to try and loot every monster you kill. Unfortunately, you will have to go to each monster you killed to loot it, which might be somehow annoying for a range character. However, we assure you that it’s totally worth it and you will notice how fast you will get coins by doing so.

Buy potions

During missions you will notice that you will come across a potion restocking box. Potions are the only way to heal yourself while in combat, so you should refill your potion stock as soon as you reach a restocking box.

Never Rush

One big advice we can give you is to never rush when playing open world games and online games in general. By rushing in a game you will most likely not see a good part of it and there is a good chance to get bored of it. Spend time by doing dungeons, doing quests and most important see the storyline of this game while playing by letting videos play and by reading the storyline.

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