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Why You Can Forget about Downloading Google +’s Google Hangouts


Chat services are in full use today and the competition is really intense because there are several popular messaging apps that are dominating the charts.

One of them is Google’s Google Hangouts. It’s a chat service that allows you to chat, call and video call someone else for free. Despite being only introduced not too long ago, Google Hangouts already has its own legion of fans. However, the important question is would you still pick out Google Hangouts from a selection of other competitive chat services like Skype and WhatsApp?

Google Hangouts Features

Instant messaging and voice and video calls are the main services of Google Hangouts. These features are not entirely new to chat services, but Google Hangouts’ redeeming feature is that it can hold a video conference with up to 10 participants. You can also share photos, location and stickers if you want to stay away from the conventional chatting.

What It Lacks

In this department, there are few important features that Google Hangouts lacks. It does not allow you to send and receive videos, only photos. This can be very inconvenient if you want to share a video message. If someone’s birthday is coming up, you can just forget about sending him a video greeting. There is also no way to set a status on Google Hangouts unlike other chat apps. If you’re using the app, there’s no way to know if someone is available. You just have to send a message and wait for a reply.

Other Chat Services that’s Complete in Features

Skype is a prominent service when it comes to free voice and video services. It has been around longer than Google Hangouts and that is why it has more users. What Google Hangouts lacks, you can find them all on Skype. Statuses are available in Skype which makes it easier to chat or call someone knowing they are online. Instead of waiting for a response that won’t come, Skype also allows you to send someone a video message and share your screen with your contacts.

If you are using an iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, there’s really no need to download other mobile chat services like Google Hangouts. Apple has an iMessage where you can send messages for free and Facetime where you can make a voice and video call to someone. The only disadvantage of these services is that they can also be used on other Apple devices. If your friend is using another operating system, you won’t be able to use iMessage and Facetime.

Brings You Back to Skype

It goes back to which chat service you will want to download on your device and never to delete again. Between Skype and Google Hangouts, the former is the better option. You will get a complete package for its multiple features and anyone can use it even if they don’t have a Google account, which is an important requirement in registering for Google Hangouts. Skype also offers the same services like Google Hangouts and they have more experience in delivering them efficiently.