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Few Ground-breaking Features of the Free WeChat Messenger App


In the past few years, instant messaging applications have had a great impact on the world of communication.

In fact, a majority of communication in the present world takes place through these instant messaging and VoIP applications. Currently, there are about a dozen such applications that are available for Smartphone users to avail of in order to communicate with their near and dear ones. However, one such instant messaging application that deserves special mention is the WeChat messenger! Within a very short span of time, this application has quickly grown to be considered one of the top applications for communication. The application has more than 400 million registered users worldwide, and this allows users to connect with their friends and family from all parts of the globe.

Attractive Features of WeChat

The application is home to several attractive features rolled into one complete package. The features included in this messenger application are some of the finest and the most beneficial that users could ever want. This enhances the user experience of the application by leaps and bounds. Some revolutionary features of the WeChat messenger application have been discussed here.

  • Voice Messaging: While most applications help users to send instant messages to their friends and loved ones, the developers of this application have gone a step further. The application has been developed with a voice messaging feature where users can record voice messages and send them to their friends, instead of having to type the entire message. This helps to make messaging easier, and also saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Stickers: While most messenger applications are comfortable with the old Smileys for the expression of emotions in messages, WeChat has been developed with a new and innovative method of expression. The Stickers, as the developers like to call them, come in attractive, creative and funny designs in order to ensure that the users are able to express themselves in the best manner. There are also animated stickers for celebrating special days and significant festivals.
  • Real-time location sharing: This feature broadcasts the real-time location of the users on a map that is inbuilt in the application. This feature works once the WeChat application is turned ON. This can be used as a fun-feature as well as a feature for the safety of people. Even with users no longer having to constantly update their location, their loved ones will be able to keep a track of their whereabouts.
  • The Friends’ Radar: This feature imports regular feed from the real-time location detector, and scans for other users of the application in the surrounding area. This cannot only help a user to locate friends and acquaintances in nearby locations, but also make new friends by connecting with people nearby. This is an attractive feature that helps people make more friends and connect with more people every day.

With all these features available on offer, WeChat has for sure taken the online messaging experience to an all new level that has never been experienced before!