The release of Rockstar’s next generation 1st person mode for GTA 5 made gamers start talking.

The intention of Rockstar is to take GTA 5 to the next level. From the trailer that was released some time back, the developer gave players a glimpse of what will be happening in the new GTA 5. This will be reason enough for GTA fans to buy the game all over again. The 1st person mode has got players excited, and they believe it will be the game changer. Among some of the amazing features you are likely to encounter in the game are:

Bullet Holes will inflict Wounds

Previously, if a person got shot in the game, there would be a splash of blood and not much else. With GTA 5, the shot person will have wounds that will appear as holes as a result of the penetration of the bullets.

Rail Gun

The GTA 5 arsenals are taken to a whole new level by the new rail gun. Chances are this will be among the things GTA fans will appreciate the most. When aimed at close range, the gun causes a lot of damage because of its powerful electro-magnetic ammo-firing technique.

Brand New Songs and Radio Stations

The new GTA 5 gets even better with the new batch of theme songs and radio stations that have been incorporated. This will get its players even more entertained as they play the thrilling game.

Ease in Switching Weapons and Radio Stations

Changing stations couldn’t get easier as well as changing weapons. It is a simple matter of swiping your touchpad.


Considering the game will be running on 1080p full HD resolution, the wild will be as vivid as it could possibly be. There is a set of new wild animals, and you can venture into the Los Santos and Blaine Country grasslands.

Police Help

Police can answer your call in 60 or fewer minutes when you call via the DualShock 4 microphone speaker. Your character can engage with them at a crime scene.

The 1st Person Mode

When you play GTA online, it is possible to a 1st person mission. This is quite exciting as it is new to the game. If the 1st person mode is launched before the Heist DLC, passionate GTA fans will miss going to heist missions. Furthermore, the 1st person mode will have a variety of animations like weapons reloading, parachuting among others that will make it even more enticing to the gamers.

Shifting between 1st and 3rd Person

With the next generation GTA 5, players can easily switch from 1st person to 3rd person with ease. This can be done using the PS 4 touch pad. In addition, different control options are offered in the game when the player is on 1st person mode and when they switch to 3rd person mode in respect to the requirements of the visuals.

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