Recently, Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879 came with new features based on previous user feedback. What’s new about it? The possibility to disable the Taskbar buttons – Search and Task View, you’ll have improved animations, the option to work with Snap Assist on more monitors, while OneDrive is more… selective!

Windows Update delivers new builds automatically, so all you have to do is to set a time frame and let the automatic maintenance optimize the computer. To enable it, click the Start button and go to Control Panel >Windows Update>Change settings and let Updates install automatically on your device. You can do this with a modern app, and the steps are: Start Menu>PC Settings> Update and recovery> Preview builds> Change the time my PC installs preview builds. In the window that opens, to the right of “Run maintenance tasks daily at” set the time you want the Automatic Maintenance to happen. And when it will happen, your computer must be turned on/in sleep mode.

If you don’t receive the New Build automatically…

This means that, when Build 9860 came, you probably haven’t upgraded to the Fast ring, because that build has split the Windows Insider layer into two rings – Fast and Slow, and the users from the Fast ring were privileged to receive builds immediately, while the others have to wait a few days to get them. But, there’s a way to switch to the Fast ring by navigating to Preview builds from the PC Settings app and selecting the preferred upgrade speed. If you’re already a part of the Fast ring and still haven’t received the update automatically, try to upgrade manually.

Getting an ISO Image

Microsoft finally offers ISO images for every new build of Windows 10 Preview, but you have to get them before they’re released to the Slow ring. You’ll find them via Windows Insider.

Getting the new build manually

Although you should get upgrades via Windows Update, the installation can’t be triggered via the Control Panel and make this happening, go to Start Menu>PC Settings>Update and recovery>Preview builds>Check now.

Error message

If you’ll get an error message when trying to install a new preview build, search the error code on Google and learn more about it or how to fix it.

Free Up Drive Space

Microsoft warned its users that while installing the driver, their disks will get extra 20GB or more and there’s a possibility to run out of space and prevent the build from installing. This will cause a rollback to the previous version. Make sure you have enough space on your Windows 10 partition, or extend it via Windows Disk Management or using a third-party partition manager (EaseUs).

Verify if the updates were completely installed

If you have pending updates, a new preview build will “refuse” to install. Check if you have pending updates by going to Control Panel>Windows Update and after you’ll install every last one of them, reboot your device.

The “Try Again Later” message

You’re anxious to install the new build, but it won’t start. To solve this issue, manually clear the Windows Update cache. Via the command prompt, stop and restart Windows Update by typing these commands:

net stop wuauserv
rd /s SoftwareDistribution
net start wuauserv

Remove unfinished downloads by deleting the $Windows.~BT folder under C:Windows.

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