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Best Microsoft Services and Apps You Didn't Ever Hear Of – Download Asap


When you think of Microsoft, the first thing that comes to your mind is their most popular operating system for PC, which is Windows. To be more precise, you’re probably thinking of Windows 7 or how failed was Windows 8.

Back in 2009, Microsoft initiated a program called The Garage, which is an employee innovation, with the motto “Do epic sh*t!”. At The Garage, the employees of Microsoft share ideas with other colleagues and turn them into projects. This is a free time project, so it’s not related to their real job. Anyone that works at Microsoft can bring an idea to The Garage and if others like it, they can materialize it.

The Garage got a large new home back in 2011, and it is now settled in Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington camps.

Projects that got created at The Microsoft Garage are: OfficeTalk, which is a micro blogging communication tool for Windows Server 2008, Mouse without Borders which is a tool that allows you to control several computers (up to four) from a single keyboard and mouse and many more.

Free Tools that were developed by Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research is a computer science research organization that has 1000 engineers and scientists which are working in more than 500 areas of research. Here are some tools that they worked on:

– AutoCollage – using it you can blend multiple photos into a seamless collage (you can get a free trial)
– Photosynth – a tool that is used to capture and view the world in 3D (FREE)
– ChronoZoom – a web tool that is good for students and teachers to see the history of everything

IT Training from Microsoft Virtual Academy for FREE

If you want to expand your knowledge about IT, you should look into the Microsoft Virtual Academy. All the courses are free and you can even search them by product or topic. Most of the courses come with different languages and are delivered live, but they also remain available to be re-watched anytime you want, without having to sign-in. However, if you sign in using your Microsoft account, you will be able to register for upcoming courses, see your progress and add courses to your learning plan.

Windows Evaluation Copy for Free

You can now get Windows 10 Technical Preview for free, but at the same time you can get evaluation copies for 30 days of other Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

In order to download the ISO, you will have to login with your Microsoft account and apply for the version you want to download. Microsoft will then ask for your name and purpose for downloading that evaluation copy, what OS you are currently running, what version you would like to download (32bit or 64bit) and your current location.

Free PC Checkup and support at Microsoft store

If you have some issues regarding your PC and you have a Microsoft store somewhere nearby, then you are in luck. Instead of using some online support regarding a software problem regarding Windows, you can go to the Microsoft store and ask for a PC Checkup. They will be able to give you tech support, help you removing viruses, give diagnostics and tune up for free your PC.