It is a great time for the next gen console owners and the people at 4J Studios.

After months of hard work, the developers are finally going to see their Minecraft Xbox One edition hit retail stores in North America and South America.

The announcement was officially made in the forums and the Xbox blog. They also confirmed that the game’s boxed version is coming to enthral players around the globe on December 1st. In order to commemorate the event, the people at Xbox shared a great deal of amazing creations made by ardent gamers in the Minecraft world. Each one of them looks visually impressive and will definitely inspire you to do more out of the title.

Upcoming Updates

Players who own the new Xbox One console have lots of new content to look forward to. The Minecraft Xbox One is all set to receive the Title Update 18 shortly which will make the game on par with the PC edition. Ever since the console ports came into being, they were always bit off sync because Mojang releases the updates first for PC platform which will slowly be transferred to the other consoles.

It won’t happen with a new generation of consoles, according to a statement made by 4J Studios. The platform will be receiving a lot of new content with Title Update 18 including horses, donkeys, beacons, fireworks, witches, bats and many more. Recently, the official forums have also confirmed the addition of lead and hay bales to the game which makes it easier to tame passive mobs.

Future of Minecraft

While Microsoft has purchased the franchise, the company confirmed that Mojang will continue to operate individually and the game will be available on all platforms. There is no need for Sony console owners to be worried because they confirmed the game would continue to be updated on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles.

With the upcoming Title Update 18, the Minecraft Xbox One edition as well as other console editions will finally have all the content that is already available for PC players. 4J Studios have promised that they will make this available and continue to update them in a prompt manner. We have to wait and see how the developers cope up their promise in the upcoming months. There is also talks about releasing Minecraft 2 but it may not be anywhere around the corner but could be in 2016.

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