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Moto G vs. LG Optimus L9 – What are the Main Differences between the Two Handsets?


The Moto G and LG Optimus L9 were released surrounded by a plethora of rumors.

However, none of the rumors were found to be true, when the smartphones hit the market. The respective smartphone manufacturing companies released the rumors, in order to compete with already established smartphone manufacturers. However, now that the Moto G and the LG Optimus L9 have been released in the market, let us evaluate the differences between both the handsets.


The LG Optimus L9 smartphone comprises of a decent 4.7-inch LCD display, having a resolution of 530 x 960 pixels. The main selling point of the LG Optimus L9 handset is the display. The LCD screen offers the user with wide viewing angles for a superior viewing experience. The display is the mainstay of the LG handset.

On the other hand, the Moto G handset comprises of similar design features as that of the Moto X handset, a predecessor to the Moto G smartphone. However, the successor comes with enhanced display features as compared to the predecessor. The decent but slightly smaller 4.5-inch LCD display of the Moto G smartphone offers a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Apparently, the resolution offered by the Motorola handset is superior to the one offered by the LG handset.

The Moto G edges past the LG Optimus L9 handset in terms of viewing angles. In addition, the handset offers the user with brightness adjusting feature, which works wonderfully well under direct sunlight.


The Moto G comes in similar design as that of the Moto X handset. The curved rear panel of the Moto G offers a firm grip when held in the hand. The handset fits in perfectly in the palm. However, the Moto G is a heavy and thick handset than the LG Optimus L9 handset. However, a myriad of color options offered by the Moto G handset adds a spark to its personality.

On the other hand, the LG Optimus L9 handset comprises of a plastic chassis, which makes it a lightweight phone. The buttons are placed nicely on the sides. However, the volume rocker could have been made slightly bigger. The handset offers a pleasant feeling when held in the hand. The handset measures 9.1mm in thickness and 68.2mm in width, which is a tad less thick and less wide than the Moto G handset. The handset weighs 125 grams.


The dual core processor coupled with a RAM of 1GB powers the L9 handset. The spec sheet offers smooth functioning of the handset. However, the processor is apt to handle simple tasks, but succumbs to pressure when handling demanding applications. On the other hand, the Moto G handset offers almost similar spec sheet as the L9. The dual core processor along with 1GB of RAM powers the L9 handset, similar to the Moto G smartphone. In addition, similar to the Moto G handset, the L9 is incompetent to handle demanding tasks.

Final Word

Both the handsets are very similar to each other, with a few differences to take note. However, the Moto G comes in a variety of color options and at a reasonable price.