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Tips and Tricks On How To Secure Your E-mail Address


The internet is not safe, therefore the E-mail is usually not safe and it comes with risks that affect your computer and your privacy. Today we’ll give you a few tips on how to increase your e-mail’s security.

Pick a strong password

One of the main reasons why e-mails are being hacked is because they have easy passwords. Some people don’t understand that a password needs to be hard to guess and it should never be your pet’s name or an old nickname that you had in the childhood. Try using both uppercase and lowercase letters, but at the same time you should use numbers also, to make the password as strong as possible.

Do not open strange e-mails

Never open strange e-mails that say you’ve won something. Most of them are spam and they will redirect you to some website and get a malware on your PC. With other words, you will have a big chance to infect your PC with a Trojan and then the hacker will see all what you’re typing. This way, not only that you will get your PC and email hacked, but at the same time, the hacker will be informed about everything you do on your PC. With other words, if you will do a payment using your credit card after you invested your PC with a virus/trojan, the hacker will get his/her hands on it.

NEVER open strange attachments

This is related to the previous tip, so in case you are too curious and had to open the e-mail, you will most likely notice that there is file attached to the strange e-mail you’ve received. Opening a file that contains a virus/Trojan is the fastest way to get your computer infected.

Disabling auto image loading

One of the newest ways hackers try to run malicious codes on your computer is by embedding them in a photo. If your e-mail application loads the image, this will infect your computer. This is the reason why you will want to disable automatic loading of images and just manually allow photos to be loaded from e-mail that were sent by some persons you trust. To do this in Gmail, go to Settings->General->Images and select “Ask before displaying external content”.

Double check the e-mail you are about to send

Before you send a private e-mail make sure that the e-mail you want to send is correct. Keep in mind that all those information can get all over the internet, so it’s a risk you will have to take. This can happen if the person who will receive your e-mail is infected with some Trojan and the hacker(s) can control and read his/her e-mails.

Don’t send important information

Some important information should never be sent over the e-mail. Never ever tell your house security code or anything that can give a real advantage to the hacker. It is better to just talk on the phone about this kind of things or even better, face to face.

Not even the bank will ever ask for your username or password

A serious company or bank will never ask for your username and password. So do not ever give out that kind of information if you are asked to give them out over the e-mail.

Don’t login if you don’t trust the connection

If you are connected to some public connection which you don’t trust, try to not login in any of your accounts as they can be hacked with ease. If you really need to check your e-mail, then do it at your own risk.