The new WhatsApp version that comes with double blue ticks now has superb photo explainers which enable the users to insert captions and automatically frames the images.

The earlier versions of WhatsApp lacked the option of inserting a caption or framing photos when users uploaded. They had to resort to writing on a dialog box soon after uploading the photos. This was quite clumsy and did not provide a detailed explanation of the contents of the photo.

Catchy Captions

A picture is worth a thousand words. Having said that, every picture needs a caption to tell the audience who the subjects in the photo, where it was taken and any other relevant fact.

Now the new WhatsApp enables users to select carefully the words to use for a photo. There is no word limit of captioning a WhatsApp photo. Much as that is the case, do not write more than two lines. The caption will appear at the bottom of the photo. You can even write a one word caption.

If your smartphone is capable of taking screenshots you can use it to upload crisp clear photos after the screenshot is saved. The screenshot photo will appear in the viewfinder of WhatsApp but not in full. At the bottom right corner there will be a dark edge as well as the icon to show the status of the photo sent. If the photo has not been uploaded, it will show at the center of the photo with a cross overlying an arrow with a pointer. This should tell you the uploading of the photo failed.

What you need to do is to check the connectivity status of your phone. Also check the data bundle balance since uploading a photo requires a few bytes of data. You may need to recharge your account balance. If you have airtime you will be able to buy reasonable data bundles to upload your photos.

If the connection problem persists, check the internet settings of your phone. If they are okay consider rebooting the phone so that it freshens up its memory for more responsive efficiency.

While uploading, the phone will indicate a green circle showing the percentage of the uploaded photo and once complete, WhatsApp will automatically prompt you to type a caption. Below the caption there will be two options. The one on the left hand corner for cancelling the words inserted for the caption and the right hand one for sending the caption.

Framing Interface

What you upload will be framed on the right hand side of your screen with a symbol on the top end showing it was written by you. However, it will not bear your name.

Photos uploaded by your contacts will be aligned on the left hand side of the screen. On the right corner of the photo will be embedded the name of the sender which will also be colored.

If you have many correspondents sending photos, each will have different byline in different color. This feature is common in group chats. Some common colors used are green, pink, blue, brown, orange and yellow. The color of your chat contacts will be consistent. If his or her name was first registered on the WhatsApp group in green, it will stick and it will be used throughout their subsequent postings.

As you flip up and down the display to view photos you will realize that the photos in the frame will appear to be moving towards the bottom right side. This motion attracts your attention. Click on the photo to view. Alternatively, go to the gallery and view the full collection of photos from there.

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