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WhatsApp Free Download Introduces End to End Encryption for Millions of Users


Encrypting data provides high level of assurance for users but it is not an easy task for a company like WhatsApp that has millions of users using their text messaging services every day.

But, in a bold attempt, the company has officially unveiled end to end encryption solutions by default for millions of users and expects to cover their entire audience database in the coming weeks.

The security measure is something that may not be embraced by texting apps and has only been exclusively available to major players like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook among other technology providers.

In order to provide the encryption services, WhatsApp has officially collaborated with Open Whisper Systems and the entire encryption feature has been built using open source coding which makes it all the more open ended for users who value their privacy. For now, this new addition will be introduced only to Android users and there is no word yet on bringing it to the iOS platform yet but we expect that an announcement will be made soon.

End to End Encryption

If you have been wondering what WhatsApp means by end-to-end encryption solution, it is something different from the usual and ensures that no one can breach into the content stored within.

Even if a law agency asks the messaging service provider to open their messages to third parties to avoid security threats, they may not be able to do so because there is no decryption option in it. The two users who participate in the conversation will be the only ones who have the codes stored in their mobile phones and WhatsApp servers will nothing to do with it directly. It will simply act as a medium to transfer them from one end to another.

Duration of Implementation

It is being said by TextSecure, the technology created by the Open Whisper System that it might take at least six months for them to cover the over 600 million WhatsApp users. End to end encryption is already used by some services but it has never been used in such massive scale and never for millions of people at the same time.

The service provider may have a lot to do in this and it is to be seen how other tech companies adopt this new initiative pioneered by WhatsApp. The company is also planning to roll out an opt-out feature for the read message option.