There are several reasons to buy a tablet nowadays. For the most part, such a technological contrivance has become more of a necessity than it is a mere desire, especially in the fast growing career and business setting.

Of course, the best is always relative from one person to another. While that is the case, there are also options that are perhaps the versatile nitty-gritty. In today’s article, we have the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 vs iPad Air 2 so let’s try to weigh things out in a technical, rational and functional perspective.

The Fire HDX 8.9 Nuances

This tablet is branded as the most underrated, yet the best performing tablet of 2014. It is the first one to have ever been integrated with the Dolby Atmos audio-enhancement technology, making it Amazon’s item-determining Firefly. The operating system it runs with is no doubt a user-friendly one, which includes a Mayday Instant Support Service, an easy way to get help about the device 24/7. While it houses some of the greatest features not only in the Amazon tablet lines, it is also one of the slimmest and lightest options in its category today.

The iPad Air 2 Raising The Bar

We all know how glorious the original iPad Air was, followed through by the iPad Minis, which were all just as great as its predecessors. While that is true, the iPad Air 2 has just taken the game up to a higher level. It comes with the Retina Display, which does not only improve the viewing and reading experience, but also prevents any radiation induced visual issues. It fairly equates the slimness factor of the Fire HDX 2 with its 6.1mm thickness.

Display Factors

The Fire HDX 2 has an 8.9-inch screen, allowing for a much better reading and movie experience for its users. New adjustment options have been incorporated, especially the “Reading Mode” akin to Asus’s trademark feature, which basically gives an automatic fix to the screen be it the brightness and the color toning in order to give a paper-like reading feel. On the other hand, the iPad Air 2 comes with a much wider 9.7-inch screen, pretty much doing what the competing option does best, maybe in a much better scale considering the inch difference. As a matter of fact, the Retina screen gives a much more fine print page leafing experience.


The great deal about this new Apple tablet is its 64-bit edged processor, which allows more functionality at much higher rating speeds. Meanwhile, the Fire HDX 2 does not let itself down from the competition, upping its game with a couple more slates by incorporating a Quad Core processor. Basically, both devices are now more capable of handling taxing background and operative apps in seemingly seamless ways, especially with them having better graphics accelerators wired for smooth 3D renditions. Both their cameras are great, but still Apple wins through the Air 2’s 8 MP autofocus camera, capturing more vivid and crisp images.

So, what are you planning to buy a new tablet for? Is it for work, school, home, gaming or for simple pleasures? Whichever the case may be, the Fire HDX 2 and iPad Air 2 are really so close together that it may just come down to your actual operating system preferences. If that isn’t your sole determining principle, it may then also depend on your budget or particular preferences for a certain function. That i simply just down to the individual but as far as we can determine, the two are pretty much equal in others matters that aren’t personal.

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