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Blackberry Passport vs. iPhone 6 – Specifications and Pricing Compared


After years of struggle in order to recapture the dominance in the smartphone segment, BlackBerry has come out with the Blackberry Passport.

This phone goes back to the previous successful devices from the company and attempts to take the best aspects from those phones. It tries to fuse them into a device that may provide the best of both worlds – physical full QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. The iPhone 6 also marks a significant change from the previous generation model. It becomes the first iPhone to feature a screen larger than 4 inches.


The intense competition from the larger Android smartphones is thought to be the primary reason behind Apple going for the 4.7 inch display on the iPhone 6. Sadly, the increase in resolution is not met with an equally increasing pixel density. Apple may claim that the phone uses retina HD display, but it outputs the same 326 PPI seen in the previous generation.

BlackBerry tries to provide a large display as well as maintaining the physical full QWERTY keyboard. This results in a shape that may seem awkward by current smartphone standards. Yet, it comes with a 4.5 inch touch screen display and a full physical keyboard. The touchscreen employs an impressive resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels, which puts out just over 450 PPI. Along with the IPS panels, which are also found on the iPhone 6, this display looks extremely good. There is not much ground-breaking from the iPhone 6 display apart from the screen size and it may be a lost opportunity for the American company.


The iPhone 6 sadly misses out on the sapphire glass that seemed destined to come on this device based on the early rumors. Instead, Apple claims to offer shatterproof glass on the device. It appears to fare rather well in the drop tests. The Blackberry Passport comes with a much superior Gorilla Glass 3 that performs admirably well in all situations. One can completely forget the need for screen protectors on the Blackberry Passport, although the phone’s screen still remains susceptible under heavy drops.


BlackBerry provides a 13 megapixel rear camera on the Blackberry Passport while the front facing camera is a two megapixel shooter. Apple continues with the same eight megapixel camera on the rear of the iPhone 6. However, it has significantly altered aspects of the camera like focusing speed through technologies like Focus Pixels. Focusing on objects is almost instant and one will be able to appreciate extra features like the super slow motion video recording capabilities. Sadly, it misses out on the optical image stabilization feature that appears in the iPhone 6 Plus. BlackBerry’s 13 megapixel camera comes with this feature.

Due to its enormous size, the Blackberry Passport comes with an incredible 3450 mAh battery. In order to keep the thickness of the iPhone 6 extremely low, the phone has sacrificed battery size and it comes with an 1810 mAh battery. The Blackberry Passport retails at $600 while the 16 GB iPhone 6 comes at $750.