The tablet market has seen a major rise in recent years due to the advanced development that has been taking place in this field. Latest technology has not only made these devices more affordable for the consumer, it has also enabled manufacturers to try and experiment new designs.

The hybrid tablet segment which is sometimes referred to as ‘Laplet’ is a segment that was developed recently and it has become a lot popular in a very little time. This is due to the fact that this segment combines the features of both a laptop and tablet therefore providing the users greater versatility.

The Microsoft Surface series is a major contributor in this segment and this series has gained the reputation for being a reliable and easily functional hybrid tablet. Its latest device Surface Pro 3, was revealed at a recent event, which was a major improvement over the previous generations and has taken this segment to a new level.

Here is the review of Microsoft Surface Pro 3:


This latest generation tablet has grown a lot over the previous model and now features a 12 inch display. Although the size has increased substantially, the thickness and weight have actually gone down. This tablet is only 9.1 mm thick and weighs 800 grams. It cannot be termed as a lightweight device, but it is not in the overweight category either therefore it is manageable to carry this device without causing any unnecessary fatigue to your hands.

Every hybrid tablet requires an additional keyboard which enables it to be used as a laptop, and Microsoft has upgraded the type cover to perfectly fir the bigger dimensions of this device. Although it is very easy to type using this keyboard, but due to the lack of support on this cover, sometimes it becomes uncomfortable while using it.

Like all Microsoft products, this tablet has a very clean design and in its magnesium alloy casing it looks very premium and classy. Build quality is top notch and while there are some design flaws present in the tablet, it gains full marks in the quality department.


The biggest upgrade in this tablet is the larger LCD screen which now measures 12 inches diagonally and boasts a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels translating to a pixel density of 216 PPI, which is an improvement over the previous model. The screen produces very vibrant colours and deep contrast ratios. The text is very crisp and easy to read while there is plenty of details visible when viewing media content on this tablet.

This tablet is available in various configurations allowing the user to select the processor from i3, i5 and i7. The RAM and the inbuilt storage can also be selected by choosing an appropriate model. Out of the lot, the best configuration is the mid segment model which runs on i5 processor and comes with 4GB RAM. There is 128 GB SSD drive that is installed on the system which takes care of all your storage needs, but the space is limited so it might create some problem.


The most innovative feature associated with the surface series is the stylus that accompanies the devices and Microsoft has upgraded its stylus called surface Pen to keep up with the modern technology. The stylus has now become more responsive and accurate. It responds to very low pressures thus it is easier to use. It becomes very helpful while taking notes on this tablet or performing functions such as cropping a picture or taking a screenshot etc.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is equipped with the latest hardware and has a capable operating system that work very smoothly. It comes is many models in different configurations. Depending upon the model its price range varies between 800 USD to 1550 USD. But the medium range model costs 1000 USD and has enough performance capabilities to suffice average needs. Overall the tablet is very nice and offers a complete package of performance and style in a single device.

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