In a newly released teaser image on their Twitter account, 4J studios have confirmed that along with horses, the title update 18 for Minecraft Xbox 360 will also bring donkeys.

The image showed the user inventory which had a donkey highlighted in the middle and it also confirmed the existence of hay bales. These hays are mandatory because when you are taming passive mobs like horses and donkeys, you have to feed them so that they stay healthy allowing you to travel around using them with ease.

4J studios continued to be reveal more information in their Twitter account by releasing multiple teaser images and toys. It has been their tradition to tease players before an official announcement is made. For now, we know for sure that the title update 18 is not ready yet and it might take couple more weeks before the developers submit it to Microsoft for certificate testing process. The update is huge; which is why it has been taking more time than usual to hit the console platforms.

Multiple Updates

At least four different mobs will land on Minecraft Xbox 360 with title update 18. The confirmed ones so far include horses which are passive and are extremely useful for players to travel around the map with ease. There will also be donkeys and the carrot on the stick update that will allow you to guide your animal in the desired direction. There are hostile mobs as well which includes the most notorious witches.

They are capable of long ranged attacks and it is always better to stay away from them. You will also witness the addition of wither bosses. They are extremely powerful and can be defeated only with specific strategies. Once the update rolls out, you can consider heading to the forums to read more about these bosses and strategies to beat them properly. Bats are another mob which are not harmful and will be found in select locations.

Expectations are High

Players are really expecting the upcoming title update 18 for Minecraft Xbox 360 and other console platforms. It brings in a whole lot of new features and updates which will finally bring the console version of the mining game on par with the PC edition. The updates will also add the new features to the next gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Keep checking our page and we will bring you more info as 4J announces them.

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