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Temple Run 2 Free Download – What Sets it Apart from the Other Running Games?


If you played Temple Run 1, then you know how much fun and adventure the game offers.

For Temple Run 2, think of it as twice the adventure, the thrill and the fun you ever got in Temple Run 1. If you never played Temple Run 1, then at least you have heard enough positive reviews to want to play Temple Run 2. Unlike most of the other endless running games in the market today, Temple Run has an incredible way of getting you glued to your phone playing all day. The game has awesome graphics and visuals as well as a stunning landscape that captures perfectly the essence of adventure in the game. In case you are not able to bypass an obstacle, you can revive your character using the many power-ups the game provides. Below are some reasons why Temple Run 2 is different from all the other infinite running games.

More Adventurous and Thrilling Experiences

Most running games limit the control of your character with just swiping your screen to make the character either jump, run or turn. However, Temple Run 2 gives you other options like jogging to the right and left or and rises and dips. The game gives you the opportunity to let out your adventurous spirit through your character with some thrilling and heart-wrenching stunts. Temple Run 2 is better than its predecessor and other running games, because you can access various means of transport as well as enjoy incredible visuals. An example is where the character has to use the underground rails. Here you will need to use a mine cart to speed through the tunnels and you need to master the art of leaning to the left and right when needed, so that you can balance and move as fast as possible.

Outstanding Visuals

The outstanding visuals the game offers are among the reasons why there are so many people that opt for Temple Run 2 over any other running game. The wide range of bright colors entices young and older players alike to indulge in the game. The environment of Temple Run 2, unlike many other games, is highly detailed giving the player a vivid picture of the lost city with an incredible sky setting. There are hills, curved roads as well as waterfalls that contribute to the beautification of the scenery.

Gems and Coins

Besides running away from the Gorilla and avoiding obstacles, players are also supposed to collect gems and coins along the way. When you start playing the game, you are given 4 characters from which you select one. They not only differ in physical appearances but also in their abilities and upgrades.

Gems and coins are meant to help you upgrade. They are not so difficult to get as they are all over the place. These upgrades are important as they save your character’s life in case he is not able to pass an obstacle successfully.