WhatsApp offers people with the solution to handle free text solutions. Meanwhile, Line also does the same thing.

It is best for people who are interested in the two options to compare them with one another to get a better idea of how these two options work for the demands that they might hold when managing their communication needs.


  • WhatsApp does not work on any tablet. It does work on just about every smartphone model on the market though.
  • Line functions on not only smartphones but also on traditional computers and tablets alike. These include options that are run with many different commonplace operating systems like the Windows Phone and iOS options.

Stickers and Icons

  • WhatsApp makes it easy for people to use icons and emoticons during communication with ease. There is an extensive array of different features for people to utilize.
  • Line offers more stickers featuring assorted characters to use. These can be added onto a message through a simple interface but it will take a little longer for this to be set up as needed.

Video Functions

  • Line provides its users with clear video calling features. The video screen will take up the entire body of the tablet or phone while it is in use.
  • In addition to working with video chats, people who use WhatsApp can also send videos in real time to others. They can also save some of their videos and store them in a cloud database for later use.

Voice Messages

  • Line lets people send voice messages when they are not able to communicate with others in real time. They can record their messages and then send them as desired to anyone who is interested.
  • WhatsApp also allows people to record voice messages. There is a typically limit with regards to how long a message on WhatsApp can be when compared with what can work with Line.

Sharing Locations

  • WhatsApp will get access to the GPS features on a device and then take this information in real time to send details to others about where one is located. This makes the app ideal for all kinds of meet-up purposes that one might hold.
  • There are not many location-sharing features available for use on Line. This comes from how Line is designed to work with many extra devices with some of them not even having access to GPS signals as needed.

Hiding Chats

  • Information on WhatsApp chats can be saved to a cloud network over time. Chats are backed up on the cloud on a nightly basis but the user will have the right to cover information on one’s chats from the past if desired. The information is still kept private from others.
  • Line allows people to delete their chats over time through an automatic service. Chats can be deleted within a few minutes or even within a week after they are initially posted online.

If you need to use a program that makes it easy for you to get free text and call features managed then you should compare WhatsApp and Line together. They have their advantages but they work differently in so many ways.

Applications WhatsApp Free Text vs Line Free Calls – The Top Features Compared