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WhatsApp Instant Messenger Free Download – 5 Tricks to Get Free WhatsApp for Ever


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger applications both in Google Play Store and in Apple’s iTunes.

However, the fact that it expires after one year of free usage makes users dread the day WhatsApp use will expire. But the reality is that users do not want to use premium apps. They prefer free apps.

Extending your WhatsApp life for an eternity saves you money on airtime and data bundles since WhatsApp offers unlimited messaging capabilities. Below are tricks and tips to make WhatsApp free forever.

Change from Android Phone to Nokia

If you have been using a different phone, it is high time you consider switching to Nokia. Nokia has models which do not run on Android OS. Thus, the one year free subscription does not apply to those models. Once you have the two phones; Nokia and Android phone, uninstall WhatsApp from the Android phone and ensure your Nokia device does not have WhatsApp too. Turn the two devices off and swap the SIM cards.

Access the internet using your Nokia phone, download WhatsApp from, and install it in the Nokia device. From then you will be able to launch the app and register your mobile phone details.

By using Nokia you will have successfully downloaded and registered WhatsApp for a lifetime. To make sure, just go to the WhatsApp “Setting” and access the “Account” option then press the “Payment Information.” It should reflect that you have a permanent subscription that does not require renewal.

Change your Phone Number

WhatsApp detects a particular phone number that you used to register it with to ascertain that it is the one under the one year subscription program. This means that if you want to extend your WhatsApp usage you can’t do so with the number that you registered with.

To extend WhatsApp for a lifetime launch your WhatsApp app and hit the Settings button. Opt for the Account and Change Number. Two boxes will show up after you press the Next button on the top right corner of your screen. Enter the new phone number on the second box since the first box contains the old WhatsApp number you have been using.

Once done, press the Continue key and the new phone number will be automatically authenticated. The process will extend your WhatsApp for one year. After that, you can repeat the process repeatedly until it becomes lifelong- one year at a time.

Let WhatsApp Expire

Once WhatsApp expires wait for at most five days for it to recognize the dormancy of your account. WhatsApp will extend a kind gesture to you by allowing you to use the application for free for a few more months. During this time you should think of how to extend its life. Alternatively, use other similar messengers such as Line and Viber to enable you chat with friends.

You can try any of the above named tricks during the grace period if you are not keen on renewing your account.

Shift from Android to Apple

Instead of installing WhatsApp on Android devices, do so on Apple devices such as iPad and iPod via the iTunes app store. WhatsApp is free in iTunes. Just search “WhatsApp Free” and download it, then install. However, before you commence this process, make sure you create a backup of the phone owner’s WhatsApp account.

Find a friend or a relative who has installed WhatsApp on their iPhones, back up their conversations and other files, and then uninstall WhatsApp from their device. The person who already has a WhatsApp account should log out of the Apple app store. The new user will then be able to install free WhatsApp using the iPhone of the person who has backed up the data. The user will just go through the normal procedure of setting up the account.

Delete the Existing Account

This is perhaps the easiest way to extend your WhatsApp life. Just delete WhatsApp messenger from your smartphone and install a new one on to the same phone using the same process. That should give you a free one year subscription. To check the remaining days of free WhatsApp use go to Settings>Account and Payment Information.

In order to delete your account, launch your WhatsApp account and navigate to Settings, then Account and finally Delete My Account. Insert your phone number and hit the Delete My Account key.

The downside of this method is that it erases your conversations and deregisters you from WhatsApp groups if you did not back up the data before deleting the account. So it’s advisable to back up useful information and restore it once you successfully complete deleting your account and installing another one.