Android 5.0 Lollipop is here, with all the new features, design and multiple options.

Every new software update brings a series of new features, but Lollipop is just too good for an improvement. We present you few things that the new Android can do and the old version could not.

Safe Battery Life

Battery life has always been an issue with smartphones and will continue to be in the future. Lollipop tries to help a bit. The new OS has a built in battery saver that you can turn on, when your battery is at 15%, 5% or never. The power saving mode turns off background applications, vibrations and other draining features.

Tap and Go

The biggest issue the users face, when they switch to a new or different device, is to add their details. Now, with the tap and go feature, once you set up the new OS for the first time, you get the option to transfer all your data from the previous to the new device. This includes Google details, applications, data, and configuration settings.

Check Notifications from the Lock Screen

There is no more need to unlock your screen to check notifications. You can see them from your lock screen, where they appear for you to view. You can even interact with some of them, depending on the application. Sensitive alerts can be turned off in Settings, then Sound and notifications and ‘When device is locked’.



Some of the more popular applications in the Play Store are flashlight applications. Google has made sure that you do not need to download an application any more, as it comes with the new operating system. If you have an LED flash, you can use the application by pulling down the notification tap and then tap on the top bar.


Predict When the Battery Goes Off

A handy feature, users can now check how much lifespan their battery has left. You can also check how much time is needed for your battery to fully charge. To check, you need to tap the battery icon found in the notification drawer.

Search Settings

Google improves and integrates the search bar more and more with every new version of the OS. In the Android 5.0 Lollipop, users can search the settings application. You just need to tap the icon with the magnifying glass on it.

Open Apps Automatically after a Reboot

Before the Android 5.0 Lollipop, once users rebooted their device, they must open their recent apps again. Now, they open and available for view in the Overview screen. While not all apps remember where you were before the reboot, most of them will allow you to get back to a chat conversation or to the website you were checking.

Add a Trusted Device

With a trusted device, which can be either an NFC or a Bluetooth device, you can unlock your Android smartphone. The device disables the security code when it is in the range of the smartphone.

Prioritization of Applications

You can now set some applications to disturb you when other applications are not allowed. You can block applications or mark them as priority in Sound and notification in the Settings panel. There you’ll find App notifications.

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